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Fitness tiles can create a great surface for sports and exercise. Whether you want to create colourful zones or a versatile and multifunctional space, they can elevate the look and feel of a place. Tiles can help you create a safe foundation for exercise and fitness. Let’s take a look at our five most popular 20mm fitness tiles and what you can do with them.

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What Are Fitness Rubber Tiles ? 

Rubber tiles

Fitness tiles are an excellent covering for both at-home and commercial gyms. The tiles are easy to install and come in a range of thicknesses. Depending on the tile you buy, tiles either slot together like a puzzle or require some sort of adhesive. This means that you can find both temporary and permanent options for your fitness tiles. 

The most popular material for fitness tiles tends to be rubber. This is because it’s super durable, long-lasting and has plenty of grip and traction for safe movement. Fitness tiles protect not only the user but also the equipment and subfloor. 

Rubber tiles

Another benefit of fitness tiles is that they help to minimise sound and acoustics travelling. This is especially important in a home setting, or anywhere you have neighbours. When you combine explosive movements like HIIT workouts with weights, it can create a lot of noise and sound. To create a more calming and focused environment, you need to make sure the sound doesn’t travel too far. 

How Can You Use Fitness Tiles? 

Rubber tiles

Fitness flooring have several uses. Although you can create a fantastic fitness space, they are also ideal for children’s play areas. The 20mm rubber tiles are suitable for a wide range of activities like general fitness, HIIT, martial arts, free weights up to 140kg, and functional training. 

If you’re looking to lift very heavy weights or Olympic weightlifting, you will need something a little more heavy duty. You can get a 60mm rubber gym tile that supports hardcore weightlifting. So, if your primary purpose is lifting heavy, it’s a good idea to go with a much thicker tile. 

Rubber tiles


Our Top 5 20mm Fitness Rubber Tiles 

A 20mm fitness tile could be a great addition to your next project. Here are our top five 20mm rubber tiles available to narrow down your choice to help you choose the best type of fitness flooring.  

Fleck EPDM Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles

The premium EPDM rubber tiles feature a gentle fleck dusting to add a little flair to your gym. Lift free weights up to 140kg and install large gym equipment with the knowledge that your subfloor and users will be protected. The rubber tiles have great shock-absorbing properties, non-slip, traction, and offer fantastic versatility. With these rubber tiles, there are four fleck colours available: blue, red, grey, and white. 

EVA Dual Colour Reversible Foam Tiles 

Rubber tiles

Another popular choice is the EVA 20mm dual colour reversible foam tiles. As the name suggests, the tiles are fully reversible and have either an interlocking feature or a straight edge. The tiles are great for either temporary or permanent use, available in black and grey and red and blue. These tiles are specifically designed for activities like gymnastics, yoga, and MMA. But they are also suitable for things like children’s play areas and multi-purpose facilities. 

Sprung Premium Colour Gym Tiles 

Rubber tiles

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour and flair to your fitness space, the 20mm Sprung colour gym tiles are available in six vibrant colours. These rubber tiles are suitable for high-impact exercises and free weights. With plenty of shock absorption, traction, and non-slip properties, the rubber tiles are ideal for both home and commercial gyms. 

Sprung Prime Fitness rubber tiles  

Rubber tiles

The Sprung premium prime grade rubber tiles look stylish and create a much more minimalist look. They are suitable for a range of activities and are a must-have for private and commercial fitness studios. The 20mm thickness is ideal for medium weight and good sound insulation. For maximum sound insulation and heavyweights, the 43mm is a great choice. 

Sprung Rubber HD Fitness Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles

If you’re looking for durability and affordability, this gym tile offers unbeatable quality. The 20mm Sprung rubber heavy duty gym tile delivers shock absorption, sound insulation, and non-slip safety for various exercises and training methods. These rubber tiles go up to 60mm for heavy weights and Olympic lifting. 

Rubber tiles

You have a range of options to choose from depending on your needs, budget, and aesthetic. If you want to energise your fitness space, the reversible colour rubber tiles are ideal. But, for a private high-end boutique, the Sprung premium prime grade rubber tiles may be a better choice for you. It’s always a good idea to match your needs and purpose to your flooring. For a multifunctional and versatile space, 20mm fitness rubber tiles are a fantastic choice. 

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