7 Fitness Trends for 2023

Everyone is glad to see the back of 2020; it was a tough year. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost every part of our lives. But one thing remains certain: fitness is at the core of healthy living and well-being, both physically and mentally. With a massive rise in home fitness and gyms closing throughout the country, the fitness industry has adapted to a new way of living. Let’s take a look at the fitness trends that could be big this year and what to expect. 

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A Quick Look Back at 2020 


No doubt, 2020 will stick with most of us. Back in March 2020, the UK went into a national lockdown for the first time. Seemingly overnight, gyms, fitness studios, climbing walls, and children’s soft play areas all shut their doors. Gyms and fitness instructors quickly shifted to digital fitness for a growing home fitness crowd. 


Many people started buying more home gym equipment, making it tough to get your hands on a set of dumbbells in the first part of 2020. All of a sudden, people are spending more time in the home. Instead of going to the gym, people had to find new ways to work out. Whether it’s running outside, setting up a garage gym, or creating a yoga space at home, people had to re-think how they work out. 

Joe Wickes jumped on YouTube to teach PE classes in the home for families in lockdown. Gyms around the world started live-streaming free workouts to keep clients motivated. The amount of digital fitness content available grew massively. Many fitness brands jumped at the opportunity to help people work out from home.

With gyms and fitness studios opening and closing throughout the year, it’s been a challenging time for the fitness industry. Home fitness has become an integral part of many people’s lives with many people opting for some creative home gym ideas. While some people can’t wait to hit the gym again, home fitness can play a massive role in daily movement. It removes a lot of obstacles, like travel, cost, and weather. 

7 Fitness Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

Although 2020 has been a year full of changes, it’s exciting to look to the future. With a vaccine on the horizon in the near future, the fitness industry will continue to experience the effects of the pandemic. Here are seven fitness trends to watch out for in 2021. 

At-Home Workouts 

It will come as no surprise that home fitness will continue to grow. As digital fitness options expand even more, we’re going to see home workouts become the norm. Although they likely won’t replace gyms, more people want to find ways to work out at home and fit exercise around their schedule. This means creating a space at home for exercise where you can consistently workout and see results. Whether it’s a garage gym or purpose-built outdoor gym, home fitness is set to be big for 2021 with a big emphasis on the importance of a personal workout space

Home Gym Equipment 


Fitness enthusiasts will continue to look for equipment that will take their home gym to the next levels. Things like dumbbells, gym flooring, racks, and bands will continue to be in demand as people search for their fitness fix. Amid another UK lockdown, home fitness is once again the only option for fitness. Whether it’s investing in home gym flooring, installing a free weights area in the home, gym equipment has a role to play in the world of home fitness. 

Yoga and Pilates 


Yoga and Pilates are mind-body practices that have several positive effects on physical and mental health. As health and fitness become a bigger priority, mental health is a key part of that. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises will continue to feature majorly in both digital and in-person classes. 

Getting Outside 


During the first lockdown, there was a massive rise in outdoor exercise. The running and cycling app Strava saw a large increase in downloads. Now, getting outside for exercise will become even bigger. You can not only socially distance but enjoy the calming benefits of nature. This means running, cycling, outdoor exercise classes, park yoga, and more. 

Contact-Free Gyms 


It might be a few months until gyms can open in the UK, but the likelihood is that contact-free fitness will remain on the radar well into 2021. With the two metre rule practically engrained in our minds, contact-free fitness at gyms will be a priority. Some members may require a completely contact-free experience to get them through the door. No doubt, this will be alongside stringent hygiene and safety protocols. 

Lunchtime Workouts  


Before the COVID-19 crisis, many people would go to the gym before or after work. It was normal to fit your workout routine around your job. Now, a lot more people are doing the opposite. They can exercise at home in between meetings or do a quick yoga session on their lunch break. With more people working from home, it’s essential to find ways to stay fit and healthy. Even as people return to the gym, we could be seeing much more lunchtime workouts. 

High-Intensity Interval Training 


High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, continues to be hugely popular. Each year, HIIT training often makes it onto the yearly predictions and for good reason. In 2021, we will likely see even more interest in HIIT. It’s an effective style of training where you can burn calories in a short period of time. For a lot of HIIT workouts, you don’t need any expensive gym gear or equipment. They also don’t require a lot of space. It’s a workout that you really can do from anywhere at any time. 

With gyms closed for months in 2020 and now the start of another UK lockdown, you can see how home fitness is set to skyrocket even further. Fitness enthusiasts will continue to invest in bespoke fitness environments that suit their needs. Home gyms allow you to work out around your schedule without wasting time travelling to the gym and avoiding social mixing at the same time. 

Digital fitness, virtual personal training, and home gym equipment will open the door to even more ways to work out. As the government continues to encourage the nation to get daily exercise, it’s emphasised the need to move regularly. Anything that is convenient and flexible will be a huge bonus. As more and more fitness professionals go digital, we will see the home and gym merge further. 

With 2021 well underway, we can look with hope to the future. There’s something about January that makes it a good time to reflect and muster up some new motivation to get fit. Whether it’s turning that unused bedroom into a home yoga studio or kitting out your free weights area, find something that works for you.

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