A Guide for Beginners: Outdoor Garden Gym Rooms

It’s no secret that space comes at a premium. Not everyone has a spare room or garage lying around. Many people are now making use of outdoor space by creating outdoor garden gyms. High Quality garden gym rooms will last for years. They are the perfect spot for a personal home gym. It allows you to combine nature with exercise, as well as save up space in the house.

A natural setting for your workout can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Going to the gym can be both time-consuming and costly. By installing an outdoor garden gym at home, it allows you to exercise all-year-round at any time you want, without using up space in the house. 

In this article: 

  • The Basics: Personal Outdoor Garden Gym Rooms  
  • The Benefits of an Outdoor Garden Gym Room 
  • 4 Things to Think About When Creating Your Outdoor Garden Gym Room 

The Basics: Personal Outdoor Garden Gym Rooms

Setting up your gym inside a garden building means you don’t have to extend your house or use another room. The thought of opening your door and walking straight to the gym in seconds without any commute or crowds is very attractive. Incredibly busy peak times in the gym can be off-putting at the best of times. With a growing number of health-conscious people in the UK, an outdoor garden gym could be just what you need. 

When designing a functional workout space, there are a few things you should consider, such as:

  • Location - think about the area you have available.
  • Plumbing and electrics requirements 
  • Equipment needs 
  • Safety - need to lock it up securely when it’s not in use 
  • Size and space - may need extra height for overhead exercise and large equipment 

The perfect garden gym requires proper planning and project management. You want to create the right environment for your garden gym. During the initial stages of building your gym, you will need to decide on the type of building. 

The garden shed that houses your lawn mower and tools will not be substantial enough to cope with heavy gym equipment. Think about flooring, roofing, and security. You have the option to buy an outdoor building in a standard size, or you can go down the custom-built route, depending on your budget and needs. If you already have an existing base in the garden, you could put a solid cover over the top. But remember that UK weather is unpredictable and relatively rainy, so this is something you have to take into account. 

The Benefits of an Outdoor Garden Gym Room


Outdoor garden gyms don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It’s a genuinely affordable way to make a tailored workout space. If you enjoy working out alone and want to exercise regularly around your schedule, a garden gym could be perfect for you. 

A garden gym is a secure and robust building with heavy-duty flooring to support large equipment and weight benches. You can build your gym around your needs to ensure that it hits your specific requirements. Garden gyms tend to be spacious with lots of light. You have the option to use a lot of glass which lets a ton of natural light in and elevates your workout. 

There are a lot of benefits of an outdoor gym, including:

  • Privacy 
  • Sound insulation 
  • Save on membership fees
  • No travel time 
  • Free up space in the house 

If you go down the route of designing a new garden building, you can tailor it to your exact needs. You can create a custom-built space to maximise your workout. When you take the gym out into the garden, you can use any extra space you have efficiently. 

A well-constructed and insulated garden gym offers complete climate control. By installing power, you can then integrate cooling and heating options. Temperature control is key to being able to use your gym comfortably in any season. Extreme heat or cold shouldn’t stand in the way of working out. You don’t want to exercise in a sauna or ice-house. With proper insulation, your garden gym should be cool in summer and easy to heat in the winter.  

One of the major benefits of a garden gym is that while your immediate need is a workout space, you will always have that extra room in the garden. Garden buildings are durable and built to last for years. This means you have the option to use the area as a guest bedroom or kids play area down the line. Considering that well-built garden rooms can add thousands to property values, it’s worth remembering that creating a versatile space will be very beneficial in attracting buyers when you sell your house in the future.  

4 Things to Think About When Creating Your Outdoor Garden Gym Room


Setting up a home garden gym is simpler than you might think. However, there are certain things you need to think about to stop you from making costly mistakes. The key to creating the perfect space is to carefully think about the room’s features and requirements at the design stage. Have a sturdy plan in place before you get ahead of yourself and buy equipment that won’t fit in the space. 

1. Space and Materials

Your building choice will depend on two factors: your budget and the space you have available. Consider using materials that are durable, weather-proof, and robust enough to support heavy equipment and active movement. Many log cabins are suitable for home garden gyms. You can go a step further with bespoke garden buildings with reinforced flooring, walls, and ceilings, multiple plug points and temperature control.

2. Protect the Floor 


Getting the right gym flooring is an integral part of your fitness set up. The best home gym flooring depends on your workout and fitness goals. Protect the floor and yourself with good quality flooring. Rubber tiles are a great option as they offer plenty of traction, shock absorption, and noise reduction.  

3. Pick the Best Equipment for You 

When it comes to home gym equipment, you have an overwhelming amount of choice. But the best equipment is what will help you to achieve your goals. It’s easy to get carried away and buy materials and equipment that end up just sitting in the corner. For example, if you want to grow muscle, a good set of weights and a power rack will help you reach that goal.  

4. How Will You Connect the Power 


If you want music, TVs, lights, and heating, you will need a power supply. You can run a power supply from your house to your garden. Alternatively, you can add solar panels to your garden building to make it more eco-friendly. Either way, you will want to connect your garden gym to a power source. If you can, avoid having cables running through the garden as this can be a trip hazard and potentially dangerous. 

There’s a lot to think about when designing your outdoor garden gym room. The right setup allows you to work out in any season in complete privacy. An outdoor gym is an investment in your health and fitness. Create your dream fitness space and bring about the end of queueing for equipment and expensive gym memberships

August 26, 2020 — Richard McKay