Are Interlocking Gym Flooring Tiles The Most Popular?

Interlocking gym flooring tiles are one of the most popular options for both commercial and home gyms. With an easy installation process, you can use interlocking tiles in lots of different applications. The simple flooring solution comes together like a jigsaw puzzle for a safe and high-performing foundation. Keep reading to find out why interlocking gym tiles are so popular and how you can make full use of them. 

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  • What are Interlocking Gym Tiles?
  • The Benefits of Using Interlocking Gym Tiles 
  • 4 Ways to Use Interlocking Gym Tiles 

What are Interlocking Gym Tiles?

Interlocking gym mats come in a variety of thicknesses, but the installation process remains the same. You simply slide the tiles together like a jigsaw. Depending on the brand you choose, some tiles can be a little different in terms of the direction of the interlocking system while others follow a more universal style. Interlocking gym mats create a straight edge around the perimeter of the floor. You can’t see all the interconnected puzzle pieces. 

You can buy interlocking gym tiles in a range of materials such as rubber and foam. Foam tiles are cheap and can be an effective solution for certain activities; however, they wear and tear easily. Rubber interlocking tiles are usually the material of choice. Although they tend to be more expensive, they are hardwearing, durable and safe to use in multiple fitness environments. 

If you’re looking to open a commercial gym or build a home studio, interlocking gym tiles are a simple solution. The innovative design means that you don’t need adhesive to keep the tiles in place. Each tile slots easily into the next. This allows you to install flooring into a specific area with a professional finish. As the tiles are available in various thicknesses, you can choose the right thickness for your project. 

The Benefits of Using Interlocking Gym Tiles 

Rubber gym tiles are ideal for a fitness setting as they are extremely tough. In a place where you see a lot of foot traffic and heavy weights repeatedly dropping to the floor, durability and safety are essential. Here are four benefits of using interlocking gym tiles. 

Easy Installation 

With firm interlocking edges and a simple yet innovative design, tiles click easily together. Unlike other gym flooring tiles, interlocking mats don’t require adhesive, which takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of the installation process. Although you still need to be able to carry the tiles to where you want them, installing the flooring is smooth and straightforward. Remember that the thicker your rubber tiles, the heavier they will be. This is something to keep in mind for delivery and installation. 

Seamless Finish 

The interlocking system is tight-fitting, so it offers a seamless finish that’s still easy to clean and maintain. You can install rubber tiles straight over most existing surfaces. If you’re installing on hardwood, it’s a good idea to put down underlay or a protective layer to protect any reactions between the rubber and wood finish.  

Simple Solution 


Interlocking tiles use a simple design. Whether you’re building a home studio in the garden, a garage gym, or opening up a commercial gym, you don’t need to over complicate your flooring. By providing a simple solution you can use in multiple applications, you can create a safe and high-performance base for exercise. 

Provide a Protective Layer 

Gym flooring provides a protective layer that works to protect the subfloor, your equipment and your body. Gym tiles use a non-slip material that improves traction and reduces the riks of injury from slips and falls. They also reduce the impact on the body from exercise as the rubber flooring helps to absorb shock. 

4 Ways to Use Interlocking Gym Tiles 

Home Gym 


Interlocking gym tiles are perfect for home gyms as they are easy to install and don’t’ require any professional installation. As you are buying individual tiles, the majority of people can move them without additional help. 

Health Club 


Create a seamless and professional finish for a health club. Provide a safe space for exercise with plenty of traction. The rubber flooring helps to reduce noise and sound transmission while absorbing impact from movement. 

Kid’s Play Area 


Gym tiles have several non-fitness applications. As the rubber tiles absorb impact, they naturally lend themselves to a kids play area. In an environment where children tend to fall and slip, rubber flooring provides a safe space for children to have fun.  

Free Weights Gym 


As weights are heavy and tend to be dropped on to the floor, rubber gym tiles help to protect the flooring and your equipment from scratches and marks. For a heavy training session, you need thicker flooring than you would for light cardio. A good choice for a free weights gym is 50mm or 60mm thick rubber flooring. 

There’s a reason why interlocking gym tiles are one of the most popular gym flooring solutions. If you’re looking for something easy to install, long-lasting and comfortable, then interlocking tiles could be just what you need.

November 18, 2020 — Richard McKay