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When building a home gym or just crafting a workout area, you want to get the right equipment so you can perform at your best. Weights are often the go-to purchase when it comes to home fitness equipment. 

You don’t need to go to the gym to get in an effective workout. Find the right tools and gym equipment to grow and build muscle at home. There are various weight plates and free weights you can choose from, many of which you may have seen at your local gym or studio. In this article, we’re going to take you through the basics and show you how Olympic weight plates can transform your home workout. 

In this article:

  • Why Should You Buy Free Weights?
  • What are the Different Types of Weight Plates?
  • Why Should You Use Olympic Weight Plates? 
  • Proud Olympic Weight Plates 

Why Should You Buy Free Weights?

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Although you may love to hit resistance machines at the gym, free weights can not only save you some serious cash at home but can be hugely beneficial to your workout. When buying home fitness equipment, it’s important to match your purchase to your needs and fitness goals. The best workout is the one that you will do consistently, and that’s how you will achieve the best results. 

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If you’re limited on space or don’t want to invest in heavy gym equipment, free weights are an essential part of building your home gym. The reason for this is that you get several benefits from one piece of equipment. When it comes to building muscles and changing your body composition, free weights really are the holy grail. 

Free weights can be more effective than resistance machines in the long-term. You have complete control over the speed and direction of each movement so that you can target multiple muscle groups efficiently. 

A major benefit of free weights is that you can do exercise from anywhere. Even if only have a small fitness area, free weights are a perfect addition to any home gym. Other benefits of free weights include:


  • Increase strength - free weights require control and balance to perform movements. This helps to increase strength and grow muscles. 
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  • Prevent injury - as you strengthen your muscles and body, this helps to prevent future injuries. Strong muscles keep your joints in place and keep you stable. 
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  • Enhance functional fitness - functional fitness is exercise that helps improve everyday movements. Free weights tend to have more real-life applications than resistance machines. 
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  • Decrease imbalances - weight machines tend to lead to imbalances of strength in each side of the body. 

What are the Different Types of Weight Plates?

So, you’ve decided to buy a set of free weights for your home gym, but what are your options?

You have things like dumbbells and kettlebells, which tend to be a little smaller both in size and weight. Then, you have weight plates. An Olympic weight plates is a round disc that you put at the end of a weight bar, specifically for weight training. You can use them in different types of exercises. 

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When you train with Olympic weight plates, you have complete control over the total weight you’re lifting. Weight bars can handle large amounts of weight and deliver a balanced weight lifting tool. This is useful in growing muscle evenly throughout the body. You can get weight plates in a range of materials and sizes. 

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Just like any fitness equipment, the best choice for you really depends on the type of exercise you plan on doing and your fitness goals. The two most common weight plate sizes are Olympic weight plates and standard discs. Olympic weight plates are a standard size across the gym world, and all have the same diameter to fit an Olympic-type barbell. The difference between a standard and an Olympic weight plates is the diameter size. A standard disc will not fit an Olympic barbell. Instead, standard discs only have a one-inch diameter hole. 

Why Should You Use Olympic Weight Plates? 

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There are several advantages to using Olympic weight plates over other types of free weights. Generally, they tend to be much more stable on the lifting bar and feel more robust. The Olympic weight plates are super versatile, and you can get creative with your workouts. What’s great about Olympic weight plates is that as you get stronger, you can increase your weight and perform intense weightlifting movements. Overall, Olympic weight plates and bars can hold more total weight than your standard rack at the gym. 

These Olympic weight Plates come with an improved Matte finish which provides an enhanced smooth yet clean look finish with easy-to-clean property 

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When it comes to Olympic weight plates, you then have a few different options such as competition, rubber-coated, technique, bumper, and cast iron. A popular choice is rubber Olympic weight plates. The weight plates are similar to your regular Olympic weight plates, but instead, have a rubber coating. The coating is designed to protect the equipment and the floor from damage. The rubber material helps to prolong the life of the weights and make them much harder wearing. Make sure to install free weights flooring to protect your equipment and your sub floor. 

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When you shop around for Olympic weight plates, it’s common to see terms like “traditional” and “non-standard”. Non-standard means the plate fits an Olympic bar, but the size of the actual disc is smaller. The Olympic weight plates also have grips so that you can perform exercises with the discs more easily. 

Another type of weight plate is an Olympic bumper plate which fits an Olympic bar and uses high-quality rubber. The idea is that rubber plates can be dropped from a height repeatedly, especially during movements like snatches or presses. Bumper plates are designed to create a safe fitness environment and reduce the risk of damaging the floor, the user, and the equipment. 

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Proud Olympic Weight Plates 

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Proud’s Olympic weight plates make a great addition to any home gym or portable fitness set-up. The Olympic weight plates are rubberized with handles. Made from steel, the protective layer of rubber provides additional comfort during use. The special handles not only improve comfort but serve as handles alone. This means that you can use the weight plates with and without a bar, opening up an even wider range of movements. 

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With several weights sizes available, you create a big range of load weights. This is especially important for beginners as it gives you complete control over the weight. The high-quality materials mean that the weight plates are made to last. Both durable and comfortable to use, the weights are a solid investment that can handle daily wear and tear. 

In Summary 

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Building a home gym is an exciting project that requires plenty of careful planning and design work. Whether you’re converting your garage into a new fitness haven or switching the home office to a home gym, you need to find the right equipment that will for your needs and goals. Free weights like Olympic weight plates are an essential tool for home gyms. With the ability to perform a ton of different workouts and movements, you can increase strength, build muscle, and improve functional fitness from the comfort of your own home. 

Standard plates, which is right for your weightlifting? In truth, Olympic weight plates win by almost every comparison. Olympic weight plates are less disruptive while lifting, more adaptable and they are the weight of choice for competition 

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