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It’s important to create a fitness space that you want to use. As more and more people take to home fitness to stay healthy, you need a space that motivates you to work out. When it comes to designing a great fitness studio space, there are many elements to consider. By making small changes and tweaks, you can energise your fitness space and create a home gym where you always show up. 

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  • Inject Personality with Sprung’s Colour Gym Tile Range 

Why You Need to Create a Fitness Area You Love 

Fitness space


Nowadays, many people are turning to home fitness. With cities in and out of lockdown, you can’t always rely on your gym for your everyday workout. While home fitness has always been popular, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive rise in people who want to work out at home. Considering the cost of a gym membership or personal trainer, creating the perfect home gym can eventually pay for itself. 

Fitness space


Whether you have a dedicated room, outdoor garden gym, or even a part of your garage, creating a home fitness area can give you the motivation to work out. When you can shut out distractions and focus on your fitness, it’s easier to commit to your routine. 

To achieve results, you need to be consistent. By creating a fitness zone that you love, you will stay motivated to work out daily. It’s that consistency that will help you achieve your fitness goals. Staying active is essential for mental and physical health. 

The best home gym is the one that makes you exercise. It doesn’t matter what’s on-trend or what someone else prefers. When you create a home gym that looks great and inspires you to get moving as soon as you step in, you have made the right choices. 

7 Ideas to Energise Your Fitness Space

If you’re looking to add a splash of colour to your home gym or create a motivational space that always gets you moving, here are seven ideas to take your fitness space up a level. 

Take It Outside


Outdoor garden gyms combine the great outdoors with fitness. If there’s no room in the house and you’re after a dedicated fitness space, benefit from outdoor fitness. Garden gyms are a convenient space to workout with the added benefit of being out in nature. The room can also double up as a guest room, kids playroom or extra space when you’re no longer using it. 

Add a Splash of Colour

Fitness space


Sometimes the right colour can add a bit of vigour to your workout. Although a more neutral setting may be great for yoga or Pilates, adding colour can help step up your free weights area. You have the option to choose a neutral wall colour and layer up the colour with equipment and flooring. Mix it up with colourful free weights handles or use bright gym tiles to inject some colour. 

Fitness space

Switch Up Any Unused Room 

Fitness space


If you have a room in your house that’s not being used, it’s the perfect option for a home gym. Maybe you can update your garage, or the downstairs office has turned into a storage room for the rest of the family. Either way, an unused room can help you create a great space. It allows you to set up your equipment and add your own design to create a motivational spot. 

Think About Your Colour Palette


Think about the feeling you’re trying to achieve at your gym. If you want a relaxing space, then green is thought to be restorative and refreshing. It can soothe and allow you to concentrate on the task at hand. At the same time, red has the power to motivate your workout. Think about how you’re colour palette will make you feel. The best choice often depends on how you plan on using your space. 

Install Good Quality Gym Flooring 

Fitness space


Your fitness flooring is an investment in your safety and performance. It’s not an area you should skimp on at all. Good rubber flooring for home gym supports your body, provides plenty of traction, absorbs shock, and creates a foundation for safe exercise. The right garage flooring for gym for your project depends on the type of activity you plan on doing most. For example, rubber flooring is a versatile option for most types of exercise. 

Find Inspirational Images

Fitness space


From motivational quotes to images that brighten up your gym, find visuals that inspire you to move. Think about what you want to see every time you hit the mat and what will make you keep going even when you want to give up. 

Keep it Organised and Clutter-Free 

Fitness space


You don’t want to walk into a cluttered gym before your morning workout. When you go to work out, you want to be able to focus on your movement. Keep your fitness space organised and clutter-free to increase focus and efficiency. If you know exactly where everything is, you don’t waste any time starting your workout. Make use of shelving and racks to keep your fitness area clean and tidy. 

Inject Personality with Sprung’s Colour Gym Tile Range 

If you’re looking for a way to inject personality and brighten up your fitness space, our Sprung Colour Gym Tiles can help you create the perfect home gym flooring. Our 20mm tile is available in six vibrant colours to add some energy to your next workout. From red and blue to orange and green, you can find the best colour scheme for your fitness project. With gym tiles, you have the option to cover the entire floor or create zones. This is ideal for a free weights area or for breaking up a larger commercial gym. 

Fitness space


Our exciting range of colour rubber tiles features a high-grade thermoplastic top. The tiles lock together easily. You don’t need any adhesive, so the installation process is simple. With plenty of shock absorption, slip resistance, and durability, the flooring is ideal for high impact exercise and free weights. 

Fitness space


You don’t have to worry about the colour fading as the tiles have an ultra-resistance layer to prevent discolouration and abrasion. That means you can jump, lift, and move freely without having to worry. The colour gym tile range is suitable for a range of activities, including free weights, cardio and strength, and weightlifting. 

Everyone has those days where they just don’t want to work out. But the right environment can make it so much better, even on those days you just don’t want to move. Creating a more functional, inspirational, and organised home gym can consistently motivate you to exercise and hit your fitness goals. Whether you have a gym, outdoor space, or spare room in your house, you can brighten up your home gym and inject personality to take your fitness space to the next level. 

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