Gym Floor Options to Energise your Workout Space

Your workout space should inspire you to exercise and hit your goals. If you have hit a plateau with your fitness and are struggling to get the motivation to exercise, it’s time to switch up your exercise zone. Step up your game with these gym floor options to energise your workout space and take your fitness to a whole new level.  

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  • How the Right Colours Can Enhance Your Workout 
  • Create a Motivational Environment for Exercise
  • 5 Gym Floor Options to Energise Your Fitness Space 

How the Right Colours Can Enhance Your Workout 

Your body and mind are sensitive to the environment around you. The right colours in your workout can create a sense of calm or encourage you to put more energy into your training session. Whether you want to create a soothing space for yoga or a vibrant zone for HIIT sessions and weightlifting, your colour palette can influence and enhance your workout. 

If you’re looking to create an energetic gym setting, opt for fiery reds and oranges. But if a soothing yoga room is the goal, try lavender and add in lush greenery to set the tone for a peaceful yoga session. Whether you’re updating a commercial gym or looking to enhance your home gym, think about how colours affect mood. Often when you choose a bold colour like red or orange, it’s a good idea to not go all out with one bold colour. Using accents of colour stops your gym from feeling overwhelming while providing motivation to get moving and work out. 

Create a Motivational Environment for Exercise


Finding the motivation to exercise is difficult enough, and when you add in a boring workout space, it gets even tougher. As more and more people are relying on home workouts to stay fit and healthy, it’s important to create the right kind of space for you to hit your fitness goals. 

You don’t need a crazy high-tech gym to push your body and see results. What you do need is a safe space that motivates you to get going. In the same way that putting on a new pair of trainers can encourage you to go for a run, your workout environment should inspire you to move. Try some of the following tips to create a great exercise setting: 

  • Add mirrors to reflect more light and make the space larger
  • Match your colour scheme to get the best from your workout 
  • Get closer to nature by building a garden gym or adding greenery 
  • Organise your space and make it clutter-free
  • Install speakers to play your favourite music 

5 Gym Floor Options to Energise Your Fitness Space 


It’s important to create a motivational and energetic fitness space whether you have hundreds of members or you’re creating a home gym. Although your gym flooring isn’t the most interesting part of a workout environment, it can impact your fitness setting massively. Here are five gym floor options to energise your fitness zone. 

1. Coloured Tiles


To add a splash of colour to your fitness space, the Sprung Premium Colour Gym Tiles are available in six bold colours. These rubber tiles feature a High Grade TPE top. With plenty of shock absorption and non-slip properties, these are durable and suitable for high impact exercise and free weights. You can easily create colourful zones in a commercial gym or kit out your home gym with these colours tiles. They are easy to install and can either be laid down with or without adhesive. 

2. Coloured Fleck Tiles

If you’re looking for an injection of colour without creating an overwhelming impact, the Konnecta Fleckz range is ideal for you. The tiles feature a unique self-locking system that makes installation quick and easy. The fleck tiles are perfect for adding colour and texture to a workout environment. These are suitable for medium to heavy weights, high impact exercise, functional training, and CrossFit. 

3. Go Grey


When searching through your gym flooring options, you often come across a lot of black gym tiles. While black gym matting can be a great choice, if you’re looking for a variation on black, a grey tile is a good option for modern gyms and boutique fitness studios. Grey flooring looks sleek and creates a high-end finish. Try either the Stone Grey Fitness Roll or the Sprung Prime Grey Fitness Tiles for a great alternative to black gym flooring options.  

4. Gym Turf


Incorporate Gym Turf into your layout for specific activities and to add personality to your facility. Gym Turf is ideal for exercises such as sprinting, plyo work, sled pulling, tyre, and functional work. Not only does gym turf add colour and texture to your gym, but it creates a whole new level of training that users can integrate into their workout routine. 

5. Add Subtle Colour


To add a subtle hint of colour to your workout space, try the 20mm EPDM Light Fleck tiles. Available in four colourways, the rubber tiles add a gentle fleck of colour to any environment. These tiles will support heavy weights up to 140kg and can handle large equipment and high impact exercise. If you want to add subtle colour but need complete durability and maximum shock absorption, the EPDM mats are the ideal choice. 

 Investing in new gym floor options can elevate your workout. Whether you are upgrading your gym layout to improve workout versatility for members or are finally building the home gym of your dreams, get the flooring right. You can easily energise your workout space with a splash of colour or a vibrant workout zone to keep motivation levels high. 

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