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Our Newest Gym Flooring solutions for you

Katie McKay |

Gym flooring is an essential part of any fitness environment. Whether you love to lift weights or have a regular yoga practice, your flooring sets you up for safe and optimum performance. To help you find the right gym flooring for your fitness goals, here are our six newest gym flooring products. 

In this article: 

  • Must-Have Qualities for Gym Flooring 
  • Our 6 Newest Gym Flooring Products

Must-Have Qualities for Gym Flooring 

Gym flooring solutions


When buying gym flooring, you have several different thicknesses to suit your specific needs. Although some gym flooring is much more suited to certain activties than others, generally, you need to look out for similar qualities. 

Your sports flooring should be resilient enough to withstand weightlifting if needed and high impact activity. No matter how thick you’re flooring is, it should have good shock-absorbing qualities, plenty of traction, and cushioning to ensure user comfort. 

Gym flooring solutions


The best type of fitness flooring depends on your needs, space, and budget. The main thing to consider is that your flooring is designed for exercise and fitness. It’s easy to turn to cheaply-made alternatives; however, they are not intended for repeated fitness use. It’s worth investing in high-quality gym flooring once to protect your body, subfloor, and equipment. 

Our 6 Newest Gym Flooring solutions 

Gym flooring solutions


Create the home gym of dreams or upgrade your commercial gym as you welcome more members back to your fitness studio. To help narrow down your choice, our six newest gym flooring products are a must-buy. 

1. Coloured Rubber Tiles

Gym flooring solutions


To add a splash of colour to your fitness space, the Sprung Colour Gym Tiles come in six vibrant colours. The tiles feature plenty of shock absorption, slip resistance, and durability for high impact exercise. These gym mats are suitable for free weights and are weighty enough to install seamlessly without the need for adhesive.   

2. Coloured Play Interlocking Tiles

Gym flooring solutions


The Coloured Playground Interlocking Tiles are designed for the great outdoors. These would be the ideal solution for both children’s play and outdoor fitness. The outdoor tiles use a premium rubber material and UV particles to withstand changing weather conditions. If you need a multipurpose flooring solution for play, movement, and exercise, these tiles are a great option. 

3. EPDM Light Fleck Design Tiles

Gym flooring solutions


EPDM Rubber Tiles feature a light fleck for a unique yet understated finish. The tiles are super versatile and provide maximum shock absorption for users. Available in four colours, the rubber tiles are suitable for functional training, free weights, CrossFit, and strength building. You can use free weights up to 140kg and install workout equipment without damaging the subfloor.  

4. Puzzle Intelocking Gym Mats

Gym flooring solutions


If you need a surface for light impact activity, the Fleckz Puzzle Interlocking Gym Tiles are a good choice. They are easy to install and simply slot together like a jigsaw puzzle. The interlocking rubber mats use recycled rubber granules and feature excellent shock absorption. Avoid using hefty free weights with these gym mats. 

5. Stone Grey Fitness Roll

Gym flooring solutions


For a large space, the Stone Grey Rubber Fitness Rolls create a uniformed finish. This is ideal for commercial gyms that need a seamless result. The stone grey colour offers up something different from the standard black gym flooring you often see. The fitness roll looks elegant and would be well suited for yoga, cardio training, spinning, fitness studios, and aerobics. 

6. Antishock Tiles

Gym flooring solutions


The 60mm Rubber Gym Tile is the heaviest tile in our Antishock range (40mm to 60mm) for those lifting extremely heavy weights. It offers a combination of unbeatable quality, affordability, and durability. The non-slip safety and sound insulation properties make it an excellent choice for keeping the noise down when lifting weights. Although the tiles are heavy, you can install them loosely or with adhesive, depending on your situation.  


Our newest gym flooring products can help to create a safe environment for fitness and exercise. It’s a good idea to align your needs with the right flooring product so that you only buy once. Avoid making a costly flooring mistake by choosing purpose-built products with everything you need to work out effectively and safely.


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