Sprint Tracks: How They Can Transform Your Gym Flooring

If you own or manage your own gym, you will know that any opportunity to maximise and diversify your gym space should be taken. Your gym is unique and the specialised gym client experience should be optimised to make it stand out in any way possible.  In this article, we will show you how and why you should invest in sprint tracks to transform your gym space and take it to the next level. 

What are the Benefits of Sprint Tracks? 

Sprint tracks give your gym a boost in more ways than one.  Here are just a few of the benefits:-

Clients Engagement and Increase Customer Base

For your gym to really thrive, it should accommodate the needs of a wide mix of clientele. Unless your gym is specialised to one sport, you want to communicate to users that your facility is open to all types of athletes and fitness enthusiasts and that their specific aspirations are important to you.  Standard gyms are often populated with equipment users and a sprint track diversifies your space by offering an additional area for cardio, running, strength and conditioning work.  Similarly, this feature motivates clients to try new routines meaning they will never grow bored of what your gym has to offer. Energise your workout space with gym flooring like a sprint track or even try colourful foam gym mats. 

PT’s  Best Friend



If you offer personal training, a sprint track will elevate personalised routines with clients by providing a ready-made, fitness tailored space to train and workout. Quite often the availability of equipment and treadmill machines can be an issue in busy, widely used gyms and creating a zone designed specifically for sprinting, pushing and pulling weights is the solution to the problem.

More Than One Function



As you will know, sprint tracks are not just for sprinting. These can be used to train push and pull motions, walking lunges and many other exercises. The multi-functional surface is a popular way of enhancing clients routines while adding versatility across the board

Enhanced Gym Aesthetic



A classic green sprint track immediately catches a potential member’s eye when they walk into the room. Shake off the boring grey, black and white aesthetic that most gyms have with a pop of bright colour to elevate the look of your space. Sprint tracks come in many colours, designs and textures that inject energy into a flat or dark studio.

Added Protection

Not only are sprint tracks versatile, attractive and perfect for an array of athletes, they are also made of strong, durable turf preventing repetitive strain injury (RSI) and providing additional protection against twisting, straining or tearing muscles or ligaments. The shock absorbing turf will allow optimal safety and cushion any falls during training while delivering on performance, making it an ideal addition to any commercial gym flooring



Transform Your Gym Flooring with a Sprint Track

Upgrading your gym space will attract additional clients, enhance users existing training routines offering greater space, choice and safety.   The modern, bright aesthetic will instantly elevate the look and quality of your facility adding value and functionality throughout your space.

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September 27, 2020 — Richard McKay