Best gym mats for home gyms

By investing properly in gym flooring from day one, you can set up a home gym that helps you hit your goals. Gym mats are essential for creating a safe foundation for fitness. Protect not only your joints but make your equipment last longer with the right flooring. A home gym can create an environment for safe exercise, increase performance, and boost motivation. Keep reading to find out the best gym mats for home gyms. 

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Choosing the Best Gym Mats for Home Gyms 

It’s easy to skip over gym mats and go straight to high-tech fitness equipment when kitting out your home gym. But, gym mats are critical to your home gym, even though they're not quite as exciting. However, if you are taking the time to invest in a home gym, you need to invest in proper flooring. 

Best gym mats for home gyms

To choose the best gym mats for your home gym, consider the type of exercise you do, the equipment you have, and the type of look you want to create. You can opt for cheap, lightweight gym mats, but if you’re doing heavy weightlifting or installing a cardio machine, you will end up replacing your gym tiles. If you can get the right gym mats the first time, you don’t waste money on replacing flooring that isn’t suitable for your needs. 

Why You Need Gym Mats at Home 

Best gym mats for home gyms


If you regularly work out at home, gym mats are essential. You can use them in almost any type of workout, and they help protect the subfloor and body during exercise. Gym mats also feature non-slip properties to reduce the risk of injuries from falls and slips. 

Best gym mats for home gyms

When lifting heavy weights, you need a good grip. Good grip and shock absorption are major benefits of gyms mats at home. You can perform exercises safely and also help to absorb less shock to the body. Over time, this makes movement easier on the joints as your flooring is absorbing more impact. 

Best gym mats for home gyms


For a home gym, the sound levels are an important consideration. If you love an early morning workout but don’t want to wake the family, gym mats can help to keep sound levels down. This is especially true when dropping weights onto the floor and high-impact exercise. 

5 Top Gym Mats for Home Gyms 

Best gym mats for home gyms


It’s a good idea to think about how much space you have and how you intend to use your home gym. If you plan on mixing up your workouts, you need a more versatile option. But, if you’re into Olympic weightlifting, you will need a thicker tile to support you. Here are five top gyms mats for home gyms. 

1. EVA Dual Colour Reversible Foam Tiles

Best gym mats for home gyms


The EVA Dual Colour Reversible Foam Tiles are ideal for multipurpose fitness areas. They also double up as a good foundation for kids' soft play areas. Add colour to your home gym with these super resilient and durable options. They come in 20mm and 40mm thicknesses in either a straight or puzzle interlocking edge. The foam tiles are perfect for yoga and fitness but not suitable for heavy weight lifting and large exercise machines. 

2. Self-Locking Gym Mats

Best gym mats for home gyms


The Konnecta range features self-locking gym mats with a fleck to add a little character to your home gym. The 20mm tiles use quality HD rubber and are super simple to assemble. As the name suggests, the tiles feature an innovative self-locking solution. The tiles remain in place throughout high-impact activity and come in five different colours. 

3. AntiShock Gym Mats 

Best gym mats for home gyms


If you’re serious about weight lifting at home, the rubber AntiShock Gym Mats go up to a whopping 60mm in thickness. The gym mats are durable and deliver fantastic sound insulation, shock absorption, and non-slip properties. For hardcore weight training as well as multipurpose fitness, the AntiShock Gym Mats are a fantastic solution. 

4. Standard Rubber Gym Mats

Best gym mats for home gyms


Rubber Gym Mats range from 15mm to 60mm thicknesses. They have excellent sound insulation and shock absorption. This is the ideal option if you’re looking for a combination of durability, quality, and affordability. These gym mats are suitable for a range of activities, lifting, and heavy workout machinery. 

5. Premium Coloured Gym Mats

Best gym mats for home gyms

The Premium Colour Gym Mats are weighty enough to stay in place when you put them down without adhesive. They simply lock together, making them easy to assemble and install anywhere. At 20mm thick, the gym mats are ideal for adding a splash of colour to your home gym. They are resilient and durable enough for high-impact activity and free weights. 

Your floor is the foundation of your home gym. Although it’s tempting to skip past your gym flooring for home and start choosing the best equipment, take the time to invest in the right gym mats. It really is one of the most important steps in building a home gym that will last for years.


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