The Lowdown on Our 3 Bestselling Gym Tiles

Selecting the correct Gym flooring for your own specific requirements can be challenging.  There are a plethora of products on the market and it can be difficult to choose which product matches your needs as they come in various materials, sizes and thicknesses and at varying price margins.



In this article we look at the key benefits of using rubber flooring as a fitness floor solution and discuss our 3 Bestselling Gym tile products which accommodate multi-functional fitness spaces at all levels of fitness.

What are the benefits of Rubber Flooring in a Gym space?

Rubber flooring is well known for it's shock absorption properties as well as being easy to maintain, is compatible with all temperatures and weather conditions and does not absorb moisture.  This makes it the perfect material for gym equipment, fitness clothing and footwear and as a floor solution.  Let's look at these benefits for rubber flooring in closer detail.

Highly Protective

Shock absorbency is essential for protecting ligaments and preventing injury while working out.  Rubber has excellent anti-shock values and has a naturally non-slip surface making this the perfect material for fitness use.


Reduces Sound

Rubber is an insulator and reduces sound made from repeated weight dropping and noisy equipment.  This is especially important in spaces such as Garages where you want to insulate the area and prevent noise from disturbing neighbours and other family members.


Easy to Maintain 

In a fitness environment you require surfaces which can easily be sanitised from perspiration after use.  Rubber tiles are moisture resistant and can simply be wiped or lightly mopped down without concern about water ingress or damage. 


Simple to Install

Rubber tiles are very easy to fit without a specialist installer.  The recommended method is using compression which means you do not require adhesive.  This is carried out by slightly overlapping the heavy tiles together then knocking them into place.  The tiles retain their position and do not move around.  Similarly, there are interlocking options which use hidden inserts. Watch a quick Tutorial below.


Our 3 Best-Selling Rubber Gym Tiles 

At Sprung Gym Flooring we offer a wide range of rubber flooring products, from our standard collection to interlocking options, puzzle tiles and rolls of rubber.  To date, our high quality standard range of tiles beginning at 11mm to 50mm are increasingly popular due to their flexibility and consistent performance.  Here we focus on our 3 Bestsellers and what they deliver individually.  Watch our Product videos to recap on the key details and check our Reviews page for Customer Feedback.

15mm Sprung Standard HD Gym Tile

The 15mm Sprung HD Standard square tile is 1m x 1m, is 15mm thick and has a maximum weight drop of 110kg.  This thickness means it is suitable for light to medium impact gym activities or as a support to heavy gym equipment such as Peloton bikes and treadmills.  All of our Standard range tiles are easy to install (without adhesive) using the compression method (please see our Tutorial video).  If you don't plan to use heavy weights in your gym and are simply looking for a shock absorbent surface to protect heavy equipment as well as to prevent injury from light to medium exercise, the 15mm is a good option.  Watch our video for full information.


20mm Sprung Standard HD Gym Tile

Our 20mm Sprung Standard tile is the most popular which is down to its versatility.  The product is for medium to high impact use and withstands up to 140kg weights.  This allows alot of leeway for most gym users.  Have a look at our video for all details.


30mm Sprung Standard HD Gym Tile

Sprung 30mm is made of serious stuff.  This tile in the range is for high impact, heavier weight use.  It is ideal for Crossfit, HIIT and all Strength Training activities.  Many people opt for this product if they perhaps wish to progress with Strength Training or regularly hold P.T. sessions and classes which cater for a variety of levels.  Watch our video on the 30mm below.


Final Thoughts

Rubber tiles are renowed for their endurance and suitability within a fitness environment but you need to consider what thickness of tile suits your needs to have piece of mind you are making the correct investment. When selecting a gym tile product, align your needs and level of activity with the thickness of the tile to help you make the best selection.

January 13, 2022 — Katie McKay