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The flooring of any gym has a huge impact on the exercise experience. This includes exercises involving standing, jumping, running, squatting, lifting, etc. A proper floor is just as important as other equipment in a gym, if not the most essential.

Matting for gym floors must be carefully chosen and there are many different aspects to consider when choosing the right floor for your individual needs. 

The following guide will help you decide which one suits your personal needs.

Properties to Buy Gym Flooring

Buy Gym Flooring

It is a fact that commercial gym flooring takes hits from both members and equipment.  A strong and durable surface that can support heavy machinery and equipment are the primary requirements as well as how well the gym floor delivers shock absorption for joints and muscles.

Gym Flooring should provide grip for the user, but still allow some degree of slip so that the body can move naturally. The correct floor solution avoids unnecessary injuries by suppressing unintentional movements of machines and devices. 

Buy Gym Flooring

Rubber gym flooring is popular because it withstands the impact of intense workouts easily and tirelessly, unlike other floors that show signs of wear or are damaged. Improving traction and allowing for faster acceleration, athletes can push their best without fear of injury. 


Buy Gym Flooring

Another important factor is hygiene. Gyms are places with high levels of moisture, body fats and perspiration and the floor is no exception. With easy-to-clean, mould resistant  rubber flooring, the surface can be well maintained allowing for a sanitised space ready for public use. 

Rubber flooring is easily wiped down or lightly mopped with a neutral floor cleaner to keep Gym areas hygienic and fresh.


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Floor coverings must also be inviting and engaging. When you go to the gym, you want to feel comfortable and energised. The colours should contribute to a mindset that prepares you for exercise. Gyms can be transformed from dull to bright and motivating with a simple change of the floor.

Rubber gym tiles and rolls come in various colours and design which can be used to create gym zones and add personality and character to a facility.


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Rubber gym flooring comes in various thicknesses and should be chosen based on its area of ​​application. In general, rolls of 4mm to 10mm are for subfloor protection for equipment and lighter impact activities. Gym tiles from 11mm to 30mm are perfect for medium to high impact workouts and Antishock 40mm to 60mm are to accommodate high impact fitness and weight training.


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For rubber flooring, the density should be at least 900 kg/m. The  higher the density, the more durable and stronger the floor. There are many suppliers on the market that offer low prices, but also low quality. Therefore it is recommended to order floor samples to convince yourself of their quality. 

Noise & Vibration

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Another advantage of rubber flooring is noise absorption.  Energy training routines and heavy weight dropping can produce high levels of noise to surrounding areas.  Choosing a material that absorbs the sound and vibration allows for flexible and maximum usage without disruption.

Buy Gym Flooring

These are the key factors to consider when choosing matting for gym floors.  You can always contact our experts at Gym Flooring for additional advice and further information on our range of products or read another great article on how to choose the right gym flooring for your commercial gym

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March 29, 2021 — Katie McKay