Types of Home Fitness Spaces - What is the Best Type for Me?

Types of Home Fitness Spaces - What is the Best Type for Me?

Fitness enthusiasts have realised the huge benefits of incorporating their workout and training routines into their everyday lifestyles by adding a dedicated space at home. 

As there are many kinds of fitness space to suit the individual, the particular environment and budget, we explore the various types of workout space, the main benefits of each and the first steps to implementing this at home. 

If you are considering embarking on the Home Fitness journey, this article should help you decide what option would be the most effective for your circumstances.  It all comes down to how much space you have, where this space is and your chosen budget.

What are the Benefits of Home Fitness Spaces at Home?

Let's look at some of the main reasons why many of us are creating Home Gym spaces.


Maintaining a fitness lifestyle is not easy.  Mood and motivation play a large part in getting you out there and completing fitness goals.  If you have a space at home that you have created yourself then you have greater ownership over your plans to keep fit which boosts motivation levels.  A Home Gym is a great motivator in either starting a fitness regime or continuing your journey.

Availability and Flexibility

Early mornings and childcare complications can make getting to the gym more difficult.  Having to coordinate fitness with work and family life as well as booking gym classes and sessions only when there is availability can sometimes mean you are snatching workouts when you are less motivated.  Having a gym space at home gives you much more flexibility to choose a fitness routine that suits your lifestyle.  It means you have access to the equipment you like to use when you want.

Family Fitness

Another great benefit of home fitness is having the ability to work out as a family and promoting the importance of fitness to your kids or a partner as a lifestyle. Having a place for all to exercise makes it easier to incorporate fitness into your family life and make it fun.

Cost Effective

Investing in staple gym equipment and creating a home fitness space is very cost effective.  Paying for gym memberships and classes can easily stack up and many people have recognised how more economic it can be to put together a home gym setup.

Fitness Space Types

Depending on the time of exercise you do, your level of workout, the available space you have and your budget, there are different styles of Home Gym to suit various people and lifestyles.

Spare Room Home Gym

Many people have a spare room in their home that is not used for any specific purpose.  This can be an attic space, basement or standard spare bedroom that is not being utilised to its best potential.  Home Gyms do not need to be large, small spaces work well also.  The main components of a gym are suitable fitness flooring, good quality gym basics like dumbbells, a barbell and perhaps a fitness bike. 

P.T. Studio

Personal Trainers often choose to train clients in their own Home Gym space as opposed to a commercial facility.  This allows P.T's to hone their sessions to suit clients needs and preferences with specific equipment or to build stronger engagement with a more private setting.

Garage Gym

Garage spaces used be overlooked as potential Home Gyms but these spaces are now a popular choice and ideal for creating your own fitness facility.  You are situated away from the home which allows for worry-free, noisy workouts without disturbing others and it means you can also use the space for other activities like Yoga and home gaming.  If you have a large, cluttered garage or even a small garden shed, it can be put to great use.  Choose a suitable thickness of rubber flooring to mask sound and provide adequate shock absorption.

Boxing Training Spaces

If you are into Boxing or MMA and need a gym space with some specialist items, then a dedicated Boxing Gym can be created at home with little effort.  One of the key factors is selecting suitable gym flooring like rubber or tatami mats that provide excellent shock absorption.

Outdoor Gym

Even in the UK it is possible to train outdoors.  Outdoor gyms have increased in popularity and can still be used in cooler months.  These gyms can be completely open-air or an area of your garden can be covered so that you can workout even in wet and very cold weather.  For this style of gym, we recommend using Outdoor gym flooring with suitable self-drainage properties.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of home fitness is endless, from easy accessibility to investing in a gym space that will support your fitness goals for life.  There are a few things to consider before you start to create your own Home Gym such as location, space and budget.  If you take the time to plan out your gym space and invest in quality, high value equipment you are well on your way to elevating your fitness experience for years to come.

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