What Every Fit Family Home Gym Must-Have

Globally, there have been significant cultural shifts in attitude towards fitness since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic.  Many people have reframed fitness in their lives in order to stay well and manage the many changes the virus has brought about. 

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Similarly, lockdowns have increased the amount of time people are spending at home and the realisation that quality family time is of key importance.  This is why we are seeing a rise in the number of Home Gyms and families who share workout time together.

Whether you are a family who exercise separately or you all like to break a sweat together, your Home Gym should have the correct tools to accommodate a highly functional fitness space that the whole family can enjoy.

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Here we explore the basic needs of a family Home Gym and look closely at Best Buys for creating and stocking your gym space to keep it fresh, energising and cost effective.

What do Family Gyms Need to Work Well

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If you take the time and invest money into creating a dedicated family gym at home you want the space to be used to it's full potential.  It is important to consider what your family needs as a unit to get the most out of the space and what elements you need to put into place.


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For a family friendly gym to be successful, you require quite a good sized space.  It doesn't need to be massive but a generous double-garage size is ideal to accommodate everyones favourite equipment.  It also allows the family adequate space to work out together without getting in each others way.  Any fitness space that involves heavy equipment or weights needs to be spacious enough to avoid injury or damage.


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No one wants to workout in a freezing cold room or in an uncomfortable heat.  Depending on where your Home Gym is located, you need to identify if the existing temperature poses an issue from poor insulation or direct sunlight.  Look at ways of regulating the temperature by installing insulating flooring or walls, fitting blinds or using industrial fans.  Also consider different seasons of the year and what you may need to implement to keep your temperature neutral.

Suitable Flooring

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Using proper gym flooring will not only provide the necessary shock absorption and floor protection but it also cushions sound and provides insulation to your space.  A good family gym should have strong, durable flooring that will withstand a variety of activities, medium to high impact workouts and be easy to clean.  Rubber gym tiles or rolls of rubber flooring are the ideal solution for simple installation and maximum protection.

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Good Lighting

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Natural sunlight is fantastic for a family Home Gym although it is not always possible.  If your Home Gym is situated in a Garage, Basement or in a room with little windows using modern, bright lighting is another way of ensuring your training area is well-lit and cheerful.  These days there are loads of light solutions in quirky designs, colours and mounting options that will give your family gym some character.


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Like any other room in your home, a family gym should have a bit of wall decor, painted wall designs and even plants.  The more your gym feels like part of the home, the more you and family members will be inclined to use it.  Why not track your gym progress and plan your workouts using a large wall whiteboard as a feature.

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3 Best Buys for Family Home Gyms

You may have already created your gym space and need to upgrade a few gym equipment pieces or perhaps you are at the design stage.  Cost effective and highly durable, here we look at 3 of our favourite Best Buys as the perfect addition to your family Home Gym.

1. 20mm Bestselling Sprung Gym Mats

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Our most popular product, the Sprung HD rubber tiles are the ideal floor solution for a busy and versatile gym space.  In a 20mm thickness which takes up to 140kg weights, the non-slip mats are easily installed by compression without the need for adhesive.  

2. Garage Gym Starter Kit

This fantastic kit is competitively priced and comprises of a full set of premium bumper plates, a  professional barbell, a squat rack, bench and 4 protective gym mats.  Perfect as a starter pack for Strength Training, this bundle offers great value for money.

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3. Hex Dumbbells

Hex dumbbells offer optimal safety (no rolling), less noise and have a super rubberised grip for complete comfort.  Budget friendly, the range comes in weights from 2.5kg to 40kg suitable for a family gym with varied needs.

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Final Thoughts

A family Home Gym is a brilliant way of incorporating regular exercise into your own lifestyle as well as encouraging other members of your family to embrace fitness.  For a fitness space that everyone will enjoy and thrive on it is important to consider the basic needs of a gym as well as the specific requirements of your family as a whole.  Sourcing good quality, high value equipment and room accessories will set the perfect foundation for family workouts for years to come.

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