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Sprung Life Newsletter - 10th January 2024

Sprung Life Newsletter - 10th January 2024

Michael Geraghty |

Quiz Question: Who created the discipline of Parkour?


(Win a FREE Sprung Mug/Water Bottle and Resistance Band set by sending us your answers to info@gym-flooring.com)


Tweet of the Week: Check out this amazing invention from a couple of students in Washington posted by Massimo @rainmaker1973.  Signaloud Gloves turn sign language into sound using recorded voice and hand positioning tech 🤩🤩 

Screenshot 2023-11-13 10.00.29.png

Workout:  Jump right into 2024 with this 12m fat busting Plyo workout by Outwork.  No tricky moves, just pogo jumps, rotational twists and straight kicks that will leave your legs crying for days 🔥🔥 Pain is your friend here 😜

Screenshot 2023-11-13 11.43.12.png

Dose of Inspiration: 

Inspo quotes (6).png

Spotted on Instagram: You gotta love this bodybuilder who's still fighting fit at 91! Shared by @Gregdoucetteifbbpro

Screenshot 2023-11-13 10.11.32.png

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1. Recipe: Winter Slaw from Riverford House is a fresh feast of Winter veggies perfect for sandwiches, sides or snacking.  Bursting with texture and flavour, this easy-method slaw will add a pop of colour to your midweek meals this Jan.


2. Article: Future in Fitness App Development: Predictions for 2024 and Beyond - Aman Mishra

Read up on how AI/VR and personalisation will transform our workout world.


3. Home: Creative storage solutions are the way to go this month.  Fed up with cluttered shelves or bulky furniture units?  Opt for clever, integrated ideas that allow you to minimise room space and create a layout that works with your lifestyle.  We love this divider unit from Litfad (£258) with display shelving for a stylish yet functional answer to storage struggles. 



What are We Listening To?: Having poor sleep habits is a problem for alot of us.  Why not get serious about your sleep situ this year by tuning into popular podcaster Kathryn Nicolai. Not Much Happens  is designed to relax and untangle your brain before bedtime with a series of soothing short stories and meditation techniques.  Whether you struggle to fall asleep or grab valuable, restful sleep, this one should help to loosen your mind and get you in the mood for some serious snoozing 🛌


Screenshot 2023-11-13 12.05.15.png

Share your Gym Space: 

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If you're looking for hammer and strength then Temple Gym in Birmingham will not disappoint.  

This iconic gym spot has bucketfuls of grit, character and history.  Founded in 1987 by the world-famous bodybuilder Dorian Yates, the impressive space is fitted out with all of the latest bodybuilding equipment as well as offering expert coaching, nutrition and supplements. 

With its urban graffiti artwork, raw, unadorned interior and exposed ceilings, this garage style gym focuses on graft, work ethic and driving results for its many members.

(Each week we highlight an inspiring Gym Space to spark ideas for your Fit HQ, send us your Inspo!)


Promo:  Get 20% OFF with our New Years Sale and create the perfect platform for workouts in 2024. Shop Gym Tiles, Rubber Rolls, Interlocking Mats, Puzzle Tiles, Foam Tiles, Sprint Tracks & More.

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See our Tatami Foam Mats in action:-

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