Sprung Life Newsletter - 13th September 2023
Tweet of the Week: 
DanGo @FitFounder stresses the importance of strength exercise for men in their 30s/40s to reap the benefit in their 70's. 
"An 80 year old man who lifts is as strong as a 30 year old man who doesn't.
After the age of 30 muscle mass decreases by approximately 3-8% every decade. This rate of decline becomes even faster after the age of 60.
This reminds me of my dad who decided to start lifting & running at 40 years old. Now at the age of 76, his body and brain are as active as ever. He doesn't need any form of assistance, he's living independently and doing it on his terms. 
A couple sessions a week of weight training is the ultimate form of delayed gratification. You're trading 90 minutes a week for a lifetime of mobility, strength, and brain health. I'd make that trade in a heartbeat.
I know some people in their old age who look back and regret not taking better care of themselves. They got to a point where there was no return. You don't want to let that happen to you. It's better to be the oldest person in the weight room than the youngest person in the nursing home. 
Lift now so you can reap the benefits later."
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This punchy 30 min Workout from @london_fitness_guy has 2 variations if you're stuck for time or access to Weights.  Opt for the Bodyweight version on your lunch hour and ramp it up at home with some Dumbbells.
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What are the 10 main components that make up CrossFit Training?
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Dose of Inspiration: 

Don't forget how far you have come. (4).png
Spotted on Instagram: 
@Jamessmithpt explains how to rectify the er 'weak arm' in lifting 

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1. Recipe:  
Autumn is almost upon us so why not add some Fall Flavours to your lunchtime munch with this hearty Vegan Lentil Soup, which by the way 'is the Best Lentil Soup You Will Ever Make'.
From Noracooks


2. Book: The  Mind Manual by Dr Alex George 

This Sunday Times Bestseller is a new Mental Health Toolkit that everyone should have in their home library.  Learn the 7 universal truths and how to assess your

mood and current mindset so that you can stay on top of your mental health fitness.


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3. Gear: 

Changing robes or Dry robes are everywhere!  Not only used for water sports and wild swimming, the versatile Dry Robe has fast become a fashion staple. We're loving the colour combos with the Dryrobe Advance (15 colour options and can be worn long or short).


What are We Listening To?: 

The Most Relaxing Playlist in the World - Ambient Zone (Spotify) - Perfect for a dreamy Sunday afternoon at home this playlist will help you rewind and recharge in no time.
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Share your Gym Space: 

It's all about raw, commando style strength training and high intensity body conditioning at Cave-Fit, one of Scotland's leading gym outfits.  Formerly an old bank vault, the Edinburgh fitness hub is an industrial style basement space with distressed interior, original building features, funky lighting and state-of-art equipment.  It has everything from the latest Watson machines to a Boxing ring, complete rig setup and high performance kit at your fingertips.  The guys at Cave-Fit have nailed 'raw fitness' with their ultra cool, urban hideout with a mild touch of boutique gym thrown in.
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