Sprung Life Newsletter - 15th May 2024

Sprung Life Newsletter - 15th May 2024

Quiz Question: What is the national sport of Japan?

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Spotted on Socials: 

@seanszeps sums up an average car journey with kids 😂😂

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This super quick, super productive 9m Cardio at home HIIT Workout from MrandMrsMuscle works the full-body, burns fat and comes with full modifications for beginners 🔥🔥💪

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Dose of Inspiration: 




1. Recipe:  

Coffee Walnut Cake from Neil's Healthy Meals is a dreamy, low-fat sweet treat that combines the harmonious flavours of Walnuts and Coffee to perfection 😋



2. Products: 

New innovative product by Gibbon Slacklines the 'Giboard' is a sleek balance board for indoor slacklining, a new fitness concept that challenges your core strength, balance and coordination 



3. Podcast: 

Ruthie's Table - Heart-warming and hilarious discussions about food relationships with notable guests such as Tom Hollander, Lily Allen and Stephen Fry

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What are We Listening To?: 

Cyril's TikTok Remixes (Spotify) - Indulge in classic and trending TikTok tunes remastered by this dude Cyril 

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Share your Gym Space: 

Name: Ripped Gym


Decor: Ecletic and characterful with Graffiti art, engaging workout zones and pops of fiery red throughout

Equipment: Hammer Strength Kit, Free Weights, Cardio Equipment, Boxing Zone and all accessories

Other Features: Shake Bar, Kitchen, Barbers, Sports Therapy, Fight Club

We Love: You can have a workout, lunch, a fight and a haircut all in one place

Ripped Gym Basildon.png


(Each week we highlight an inspiring Gym Space to spark ideas for your Fit HQ, send us your Inspo!)



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