Sprung Life Newsletter 19th July
Tweet of the Week: This lady @FitasaMamaBear shows us how it should be done during the school holidays.  No excuses here!
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Not big on weights but want to give your legs and glutes a workout pre holiday? Try this simple bodyweight workout that works your lower body and core.  You'll feel it in all the right places and be ready to ramp it up a notch in no time at all.
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Dose of Inspiration: 

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Spotted on Instagram: PT_tessa_lowes nails the quick, holiday workout with Skipping Ropes (perfect for chucking in your suitcase).  Get the Ibiza Anthems started!
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1. Recipe: The perfect BBQ side dish or starter served with a crusty loaf Sweet Potato Hummus by Vegan.Health.Plan
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Learn to manage your attention to achieve a better life balance and reach personal goals.
3. Article: The Metabolic Confusion Diet Explained + Meal Plan Sample written by Amber Sayer (Fitness & Nutrition Writer & Ex Triathalon Coach)
Get the lowdown on calorie-cycling and if it's really lives up to the hype.
What are We Listening To?: Mellow Workout Vibes - bigwheels69_
Looking for some low-key tunes to go running with?  Try this chilled out Spotify playlist for those scaled down workout sessions.  
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Share your Gym Space: A Strength & Conditioning space with an edge.  Check out our customer Neil Davidson's space at Outcast Gym which boasts a fully equipped personal training studio for all types of classes, a chill-out area and cafe.

(Each week we highlight an inspiring Gym Space to spark ideas for your Fit HQ, send us your Inspo!)
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August 01, 2023 — Michael Geraghty