Sprung Life Newsletter - 22nd November 2023

Quiz Question: Which country has completed the most times in the Summer Olympics yet has not won a Gold Medal?

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Tweet of the Week: Imagine not being allowed your mobile phone at the gym?  @MuscleFoodUK tweets about a Utah gym which has enforced a blanket ban on all mobiles on the gym floor due to filming accidents. Can't see that flying with UK gym goers  

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Workout:  Try this HIIT Barbell session from Tom Peto Training for a fast-paced, high heart rate workout using lower weights.  If you fancy bringing more cardio into your routine and adding more intensity into your strength workouts, this 30m fat burner is your guy 

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Dose of Inspiration: 

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Ever considered your 'lymphatic flow'?  No, we hadn't either.  Check out this insightful post from @Iamhiuyu on how small changes in diet and things like deeper relaxation and massage can clear 'blockages' in both mind and body #somethingtotry #lymphaticdrainage

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1. Recipe:  Easy Aldi Protein Yogurt Oats from @Iamthefitmummy - if you love a sweet and wholesome brekkie then this one is for you.  Cheap, fast and chocolatey without all the sinful calories, this morning oats recipe ticks all the boxes for a quick breakfast or sweet snack.

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2. Snacks: We can't get enough of these authentic Ramen tasting, 86kcals Cup Noodles from Nissin.  They're easily the best quick-style Japanese/Korean noodle snacks on the market with flavours such as Chicken Teriyaki and 5-spices Beef. Not ridiculously priced and filled to the brim with flavour, we highly recommend for a quick lunch or light snack. £1.70 from most supermarkets.


3. News: Check out this AMAZING gym transformation fitted by Luke at Athletic Installations using our Fleckz tiles in Grey 

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What are We Listening To?: Relax in the Bath by Matt Johnson is a mellow mix of soothing, chill beats to get the most out your bathtime soaks after a busy work day.

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Share your Gym Space: 

Ever wondered about the world's most expensive gym?  Exos Gym based in Phoenix, Arizona has a yearly gym subscription of $30,000 and known as one of the most prestigious clubs out there!  

This exclusive gym brand focuses on a human-centric approach which basically analyses each members performance through a sophisticated app and smart gym equipment.  Top researchers and trainers then create bespoke fitness programmes which include workouts, diet and nutrition, mental wellness, sleep and general health, all fine-tuned to achieve the highest potential in each client.  There is an on-site health clinic, physiotherapy and massage unit,  recovery suites, a huge strength and cardio studio and premium outdoor training facilities for every type of sport from Hockey, Soccer and Athletics to Swimming, Tennis and Basketball. 

This high-end fitness and sport emporium is housed in its own impressive, state-of-the-art grounds with an on site cafe, members lounge and beautiful interiors.  

Team Exos also works in conjunction with top names such as Adidas, NFL and the American College of Sport to offer the very best in performance coaching. Can you imagine?! 

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