Sprung Life Newsletter - 23rd August

Tweet of the Week: 

We love these mind game pics - Creepy baby creature or Lab? @Rainmaker1973

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If you can keep up with her (!!), try this super challenging and fast-paced Full Body workout from Maculium - it looks a killer.


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Dose of Inspiration: 



Spotted on Instagram: 

Impressive agility skills from @crossfit.mf.  He literally walks on his hands for about 3 mins!


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1. Recipe:  Quick Low Fat Ice Cream from @LalehFitness 
Creamy, delicious, sin-free ice cream that you can eat every other day and get your dose of Protein in.
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* 3/4 cup Chobani Zero Sugar Vanilla Greek Yogurt * 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder * 10 Lily’s mini dark chocolate chips or berries (optional) Freeze for 30 minutes. 
2. Gear: Best Summer Hiking Trainers (Men) - Cloudwander in Glacier £150 from OnRunning 
3. Article: Planet Wellbeing: Using Extended Reality to Improve Mental Health and Reduce Loneliness published by Sheffield Hallam University.
Read about how this innovative Virtual Reality solution can combat lonliness and isolation in the elderly and those struggling with mental health.

What are We Listening To?: 

Yoga Flow by Young Jing (Spotify) is the perfect playlist for Yoga or Ashtanga with a nice flow of modern, ambient sounds to get you in the zone.
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Share your Gym Space: 

Pumped up with energy and club vibes, Primal Training in Halifax is a cool, open-plan loft style gym studio with dedicated areas for Strength, Cardio and Functional Fitness.  With top drawer equipment and a spacious setting for classes and PT sessions Primal Training has the whole package (including incredible flooring of course!).
(Each week we highlight an inspiring Gym Space to spark ideas for your Fit HQ, send us your Inspo!)


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