Sprung Life Newsletter - 27th December 2023

Quiz Question: What method would you follow to measure Resistance (in Workouts)?

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Interesting link shared by Dr Rhonda Patrick @Foundmyfitness on the correlation between the production of lactate in vigorous exercise and brain function



Try this classic Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) 15m HIIT Workout to keep your energy levels high over the party season.  No equipment, just bodyweight exercises that will charge up your fitness mojo for 2024.


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Struggling to fit Workouts in between childcare?  Try this Mum Challenge from @Emmabordpt Everytime your kids calls 'mum' you've to do a Burpee. Says it all 😂


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1. Recipe: Chilli, Egg & Ham Cups from Marion's Kitchen

Use up leftover Christmas Ham with these super tasty bites that can be munched on for Breakfast, Lunch or snacks.  All you need is Ham/Bacon, Eggs, Cheese and your fave spicy sauce!


2. Article: 5 Personal Trainers Tell Us Their Favourite Glute Exercises That Actually Work (Amber Sayer & Rebecca Norris | Well + Good) - Get top tips from PT's with expert butt-busting know-how


3. Book: The Pivot Year by Brianna Wiest - if you didn't manage to read this Bestselling book in 2023, why not grab yourself a copy for the new year.  Full of positive quotes, valuable goal-setting and insight into breaking unhelpful thought patterns, this read is the perfect start to 2024.

What are We Listening To?: Try Legendary from Spotify for a bevvy of iconic artist tunes from the likes of Queen, Blondie and Fleetwood Mac

Share your Gym Space: 

Orange Gym Rats, Tokyo is an iconic gym spot in Minato City, well known by locals aswell as travellers, the space 

What makes it so unique is it's kooky bright colours, extra large screens and the varied workouts offered by this urban fitness brand.

They have a pet-friendly cafe with a huge range of protein, juices and healthy foods.  Customers receive free drinks and towels on arrival and get to sample a taste of 'orange theory ' in this fashionable, high energy workout factory fully equipped with the latest equipment and tech. 

(Each week we highlight an inspiring Gym Space to spark ideas for your Fit HQ, send us your Inspo!)



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January 08, 2024 — Michael Geraghty