Sprung Life Newsletter - 4th October 2023

Quiz Question: 

What “t” is a version of HIIT based on a study involving Olympic speedskaters and named after a Japanese professor?
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Tweet of the Week: 

Shared by @TansuYEGEN this inspirational short clip shows how monster determination and relentless passion despite your circumstances can actually get you to where you want to be.
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This 20m Cardio Workout using Dumbbells focuses on lighter weights and higher reps to get the heart pumping and muscles burning! 
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Dose of Inspiration: 

The hard days are what make you stronger (2).png


Spotted on Instagram: 

We're loving @Strongaerialfitness new look.  The Tatami Black Mats look super chic!
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1. Recipe:  

There is nothing quite like a bowl of heartwarming Chilli as the colder season takes hold.  This super easy recipe from Annabel Karmel makes a Child-Friendly, hearty Chilli Con Carne that is packed with flavour and easy to freeze and batch cook.  Serve with Avocado on the top for extra taste and texture.

2. Blog: 

Low Weight High Reps: The Benefits of This Workout Plan by Jessica Radcliffe (BetterMe) - this short read explains the benefits of the High Rep/Low Weight workout and why sessions such as BodyPump really do help to burn fat and tone your physique.

3. Tech: 

A new wearable device has been adapted for the JMTA (John McEnroe Tennis Academy) that allows players to receive visual cues on how best to master their game.  They can then track their performance based on ball flight, distance and opponents position within seconds!
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What are We Listening To?: 

If you're someone who travels alot or are always in the car picking and dropping off then this one is for you.  The Ultimate Driving Playlist from www.confused.com has a mix of everything from feel-good pop to moody indie tracks and 'guilty pleasure' power ballads.
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Share your Gym Space: 

Boutique-style gym Irontime has us breaking out in a sweat and that's just the photos!  
This buff new facility recently opened in Cullingworth, Bradford in what was once an old mill building.  The space has been fully repurposed but still retains the rich character of the mill with its exposed roof beams and original brickwork. 
Boasting the latest gym machines and equipment, the sleek space focuses on Strength Training with an amazing Cardio area and clearly marked zones mapping out your workout journey. 
The owners have clearly thought about the client experience, ticking all the boxes in terms of carefully chosen equipment, a fluid layout of zones and a fantastic ambience. 
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You're gonna love our new Fleckz Gym Tile in JamSmash!
With hints of vibrant green and terracotta, add some Autumn ambience to your new Home Gym space with these bang on trend colours.
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