Sprung Life Newsletter - 5th June 2024

Quiz Question: Where in the body would you find the 'orbits'?

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Spotted on Socials:  

Henryrowleyy nails every one of Taylor Swift's songs, ever 😂

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45m Full Upper Body Session with Ollie Marchon 

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Dose of Inspiration: 

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1. Recipe:   

Lime & Avocado Ice Lollies - Embracing Nutrition 


2. Book: 

The Wealth that Money Can't Buy: The 8 Hidden Habits to live your Richest Life - Robin Sharma 


3. TV: 

It's on the way!  The highly anticipated House of the Dragon - Fire & Blood Season 2 returns to our screens on the 16th June promising to be just as fiery as the first 


What are We Listening To?: 

The Red Carpet Treatment Podcast  with Jordan Stephens


Share your Gym Space: 

Name: 121 Gym

Where?: Pontypridd
Decor: Industrial and eclectic with a different flavour of decor in each section - spot our Sprung gym flooring and tracks throughout!
Equipment:  This gym emporium has everything you could possibly want and more.  Two floors of Free Weights & Strength, Speed & Conditioning, Spin Studio, Cardio and Boxing Studio with cutting edge tech and equipment
Other Features: Inhouse Food & Snack Store, Cafe and plush changing facilities 

We Love: The mega food and supplements store with huge choice of brands

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June 05, 2024 — Michael Geraghty