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Sprung Air Elite Wood Sports Flooring

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Best Seller collections

Designed for professionals and larger Multi-Purpose Sports Halls, Sprung Elite is a innovative engineered wood three-layer system with Elite Shockpad undercarriage and sports lacquered finish.  The construction offers unbeatable shock absorption and wear resistance for heavy-duty impact sports and is a Category A4 area elastic system that meets EN 14904 standards.  Available in 4 high quality wood species Sprung delivers performance and lifecycle expectations that match the UK's more renowned market leaders.


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Warranty10 Years
Dimensions2250mm x 190mm x 18mm
Shockpad Elite: 2550mm x 1125mm x 24mm
Total Thickness: 43mm
Total Weight: 14kg/m2
Wood Options3 Options: Ash Nature, Oak Unique, Oak Rustic
CompositionTop: Engineered Wood Surface with 5.2mm wear layer
Centre: Boarded Shockpad Elite underlay
Bottom: Damp Proof Membrane
ApplicationsCompetitive Sports


Top Layer:Wood parquet according to EN13849 with 5.2 wear layer
Underlay:Shockpad Elite sub-construction
Thickness:EN13647 - 43mm
Weight: 14kg/m2
Product Specification:A4 EN 14905
Impact Sound Insulation: EN ISO 717-2 - 18db
Thermal Resistance:EN 12664 - 0.4m2 K/W
Reaction to fire:EN 13501 - cfl-s1
Formaldehyde Content:EN 717-2 - E1

Sport Properties
Friction:EN 13036-4 - 80-110
Shock Absorption:EN 14808 - 56%
Vertical Deformation:EN 14809 - 3.2mm
Ball Rebound:EN 12235 - 100%
Specular Gloss:EN 2813 <30%

Technical Characteristics
Resistance to Rolling Load:EN 1569 - 1500N
Chemical Resistance:EN 13442 - No Change
Abrasion Resistance (cs10 wheel):EN ISO 5470-1 <80mg/1000 cycles

We advise including 5% waste allowance when ordering packs.

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