BOEN Actiflex Dance Floors BOEN Actiflex Dance Floors
BOEN Actiflex Dance Floors
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Description  Our Boen Actiflex Dance Flooring is an area elastic sports floor with high deformation for greater flexibility and comfort. It has a resilient foam for optimum energy and sound absorption – ideal for all forms of dance from Ballet to Street and Tap.   Taken from the success of our general Boen Actiflex floor system, we have developed a wood system just for dance studios. The Boen Actiflex Dance Flooring is available in 4 colours - Ash, Beech, Maple & Oak. AS INSTALLED IN Installation Time and money are often the 2 main factors we are up against when embarking on a project such as a new gym or dance studio. Our Boen Actiflex Dance flooring couldn't be a simpler solution for a seamless and low-cost sprung floor installation. With modern design techniques, non-specialists are able to fit this floor system without commissioning a contractor. The BOEN 5G Click locking technology ensures a fast and secure installation with a perfect result - no specialist tools are required. Our Boen Actiflex Dance flooring must be installed on an even and self supporting sub-floor or on top of an existing floor. It is also easy to extend, pick-up and relocate.   NOTE: Price is per m2 Functions  Low floor elevation  Additional colour choice Quick and easy Installation  No tools required   Key benefits Quick and easy installation Greater deformation for flexibility Boen x-press locking technology Wide range of natural colours No specialist tools required Finished floor height 29 mm Available options Top-layer: 3.5 mm hardwood Building height: 29 mm Board dimension: 14 x 215 x 2200 mm Format: 3-strip Maximum floor size: 600 m2 Secure installation with BOEN 5G ClickX-PRESS The BOEN 5G Click locking technology ensures a fast and secure installation due to the use of a flexible profile in the short end joint of the board. When pressing the board down into position the flexible profile locks into place in a single movement with a positive click. The 5G technology used for the BOEN X-PRESS is the most advanced type of vertical locking system on the market.   Faster and easier No special tools or glue are necessary when laying Boen Actiflex Dance flooring. This allows for fast installation and for temporary and flexible use.  The floor can easily be dismantled again. Our Boen Actiflex Dance flooring is supplied with FSC™ MIX certification. For further information please read the Actiflex Stadium Datasheet Floor Heating It is not recommended to install this flooring over underfloor heating. EN14904 Shock Absorption: 61% Deformation: 3.8 mm Friction: 87 Ball Bounce: 97% Rolling Load: OK Need an Installer? We can help with sports flooring installation.  Get in touch for our list of approved UK installers.   How to/Installation