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Foam mats are super versatile and an excellent floor solution for a number of key uses. Their multi-disciplinary features and range of colour and designs allow them to be used widely in sports and fitness as well as leisurely play because they cover the following criteria:-

High Protection & Comfort

A foam matting system delivers a high level of protection to the user. The cushioned core protects the user from joint, ligament and bone damage during exercise or high impact play while supporting muscles and preventing fatigue. Foam matting products also have an ultra soft surface for additional comfort to the underfoot and skin which prevents friction burn and allows users to train, workout or play comfortably for longer periods. The tiles have a tatami texture providing a slip resistant surface with good traction avoiding slips, falls and skidding.

Maximum Performance

MMA athletes, for example, will know that to perform Martial Arts effectively, high-density surface products with sound traction is needed. Tatami foam tiles allow users to master their technique and perform at their best with plenty of grip and resilience. A tatami foam mat is the most popular products choice for MMA, Boxing and similar disciplines.

Low Maintenance & Simple Clean

Foam Mat products are naturally low maintenance. They are easy to clean, do not require special upkeep and can be simply wiped down after use. Water resistant and anti porous, foam mat surfaces will not absorb moisture causing mould and bacteria built-up.

High Durability

A good quality foam mat constructed from Eva foam, a type of high density, closed cell foam, is designed to withstand high impact, repetitive use and high traffic areas. This means a longer life-span and a cost-effective investment.

Easy Installation

One of the great design details of a foam mat is that most are available in puzzle format. The foam mat tiles are shaped like a jigsaw piece which slot together for user-friendly installation and disassembly. There is also the option to loose-lay in specific areas or glue-down your foam mat configuration to create a more permanent solution.

Attractive Aesthetic

Foam mat tiles come in a wide choice of colours, textures and sizes. There is also reversible colour options which you can switch around for an alternative look. Bright and engaging, foam matting can enhance your studio interior or add energy and fun to dull play areas.

Protect Floor Areas from Damage

One of the important factors to consider in areas where there is high intensity exercise, high impact movements, areas with weighty furniture or equipment and kid's play areas is the protection of the subfloor. Without a suitable surface, a subfloor can be easily become cracked, scratched and damaged, a costly repair job. Areas with concrete, wood and other hard materials benefit from foam mat tiles to safeguard against damage.

Main Uses

  • MMA & Martial Arts Studios

  • Boxing Gyms

  • Gymnastic Centres

  • Fitness Studios

  • Home Gyms

  • Play Rooms

  • Kids Play Centres

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