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20mm Fleck EPDM Rubber Tiles - 4 Colours

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Best Seller collections

Premium EPDM rubber tiles with a gentle dusting of flecks for an understated and unique aesthetic.  

These classic HD 20mm tiles provide maximum protection, optimum shock absorbency and super versatility.  From heavy Gym equipment support to functional training and free weights up to 140kg, the Fleck range has a wide spectrum of uses and adds a subtle design feature to your Gym layout.

Colour Options

White - Bright white medium scatter fleck

Grey - Light Grey random scatter fleck

Red - Bright Red medium scatter fleck

Blue - Subtle Blue medium scatter fleck


  • 4 Colours
  • 4 Year Warranty
  • Odourless
  • Simple Maintenance  - See Guide 

Technical Details

Dimensions: 100cm x 100cm

Thickness: 20mm

Activities: Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning, Crossfit, Free Weights

Max Weight Drop: 140kg

Bulk Density: 1050kg/M3

Weight: 17.9kg

The elastic tiles are being produced under high temperature and will shrink after production. This means that there is always a dimension tolerance on length, width and thickness. Because of the different dimensions of the tiles we advise to install the tiles “Half brick wise” and not corner to corner. It is very important that the outer tiles are fixed between a wall or profile so you can put in all the tiles under compression. We advise to work with a small overlap of 1cm on every 5 tiles. After installing the complete room, you can squeeze these tiles and with this you make the small gaps dissolve.