Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of mats do they use in martial arts?

The majority of martial arts mats are constructed of rubber. The combination of ethylene and vinyl acetate in this substance creates a soft but enduring polymer that is ideal for high-impact exercises and sports. EVA foam also offers a secure practise area for martial arts with adequate cushioning.

How thick should martial arts mats be?

It is advised to utilise mats that are at least 1.5 inches thick, although most martial arts mats with a thickness of more than 1 inch are appropriate for slams and throws.

How thick is a wrestling mat?

The most popular mat thicknesses for wrestling are 1-1/4" and 2". According to research testing, cross-linked polyethylene foam requires up to 50% more material to match the impact and shock-absorbing properties of PVC Rubber Nitrile foam. 

What is the use of mats in Taekwondo?

Martial arts mats that not only protect athletes when they strike the mat but also give them the stability they need to execute head-height kicks, spins, jumps, and other stand-up manoeuvres are necessary for taekwondo training.


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