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What Garden Floor Options should I Consider for an Outdoor Space? - Patio & Garden Flooring Solutions

From porcelain tiles in various shades to decking boards and natural stone paving, there is a plethora of different materials and outdoor tiles options on the market. This makes it quite a challenge in narrowing down exactly what you want and need. Rubber patio tiles are the perfect outdoor floor solution - the modern answer to more traditional materials which look contemporary and stylish yet are functional, durable and easy to maintain.

Let's look at our rubber patio flooring tiles in more detail.

Patio Flooring that is Suitable for Multi Purpose Use

Patios serve a few different purposes. They may be fairly open-plan featuring an eating and lounge area with walkways or it could be used mostly as a kid's play area or even an outdoor fitness space. In this case, it is best to look at versatile and multi purpose patio floor ideas that take into account safety, comfort and simple maintenance.

Our slip resistant rubber patio tiles add a layer of comfort and added protection which prevent breakages, slips, falls and injuries to all outdoor areas. This is especially important for paving spaces which are used for socialising and children's play.

Furniture, play equipment, fire pit areas and hot tubs are all common features of a patio outdoor space. Your paving should be able to withstand heavy loads and impact without resulting in damage. Our patio tiles are an ideal solution for supporting weighty furniture, and popular outdoor equipment as well as heavy play structures such as swing sets and climbing frames.

User Friendly Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor rubber tiles are suitable for all types of end-user from large crowds, young children and older adults to pets and persons with less mobility.

High Comfort & Protection

Our rubber patio tiles are constructed from a robust, recycled SBR rubber which has anti-fatigue properties. This means a higher level of comfort as well as shock absorption from impact. The non-slip surface prevents slips and falls and the soft surface texture is kind to skin, especially important for children's play.

Scratch/Resistant & Shatter Proof

If you have pets or a busy household you want to consider a suitable paving surface that copes well with high traffic, repeated use and wear and tear. You also want to avoid hard surfaces such as porcelain tiles or concrete paving which will be less tolerant to dropped glassware and spillages that could cause staining. Rubber tiles are scratch, stain proof and protect against breakages.

Easy Mobility

It is much easier to traverse a garden space with a flat and even surface to walk on. If your patio flooring is going to be used by wheelchair users or people with mobility limitations, consider surfaces that create smooth and easy access. Our rubber outdoor flooring tile solution can be fitted over any uneven surface from slabs to grass and can tolerate wheels and mobile furniture and storage units.

Patio Flooring for all Weather Conditions & Exterior Use

Our patio matting range is made to withstand rain, frost and extreme hot and cold temperatures. The specially treated rubber will not fade, discolour, crumble or wear prematurely from outdoor use. Likewise, the outdoor patio tile system is non porous, resistant to water and has self-drainage on the underside where it meets the ground.

Easy Installation Patio Flooring

Our patio flooring mats are simple to fit DIY, please see our complete Installation Guidelines here for more details. They can be laid using compression or with adhesive. Alternatively, some options come with interlocking pins that connect the mats together for extra stability.

Patio Flooring Aesthetic & Styles

Just like your home interior, style and aesthetic are important factors to consider for your patio project. Our rubber patio flooring come in 3 neutral but complementary colours (Dark Red, Dark Green and Black) which enhances the natural aspects of your garden greenery and decor without stealing the show. They also come in different sizes, shapes and thickness options with matching edges and borders.

Low Maintenance Patio Flooring Ideas

Rubber outdoor flooring works best for outdoor spaces that are well used but don't need to be consistently washed and cared for to perform well and stand the test of time. They can be simply washed, brushed or hosed down to keep them well maintained. The non porous rubber will not absorb moisture which could result in mould or bacteria buildup unlike alternative outdoor flooring options.

Final thoughts

There are loads of patio flooring ideas from using indoor flooring material to match your house decor to backyard Living Rooms and using intricate pattern or an outdoor rug to incorporate a bold garden feature. Whatever your project inspiration is, functionality and cost is also important to make a garden space work. If you nail the practical part with your floor upgrade, there is no reason why you can't go to town on the decor.

Main Features of Outdoor Flooring Tiles

  • 4 Year Warranty

  • High Durability

  • Water Resistant

  • Fire Retardant

  • Self-Drainage

  • Anti Slip

  • Shock Absorbent & Anti Fatigue

  • Simple Installation

  • Low Maintenance

  • Cost Effective

  • 3 Coloured Options

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