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Choosing Play Room Flooring is Child's Play

Play room floors are unique, fun and decorative. Playroom flooring should firstly be safe and protective yet at the same time, comfortable and engaging for your child to get the most out of their play area, toys and games. With so many playroom flooring options to choose from, it has never been easier to find a product to suit your personal needs and tastes.

Playroom Flooring Options

Firstly let's look at the various playroom flooring options available.

Foam Playroom Flooring

Foam is a great flooring option for a kid's play space. Not only is it highly protective and shock absorbent, it has a cushioned, soft surface for comfortable and relaxed play. Our Eva play tiles are made from high density foam which offers a bit of resilience as well as features a non-slip, textured tatami surface to prevent skidding, slips and falls. Available in cheerful and vibrant colours, these engaging play mats can create the perfect layout for playrooms and play corners. Another benefit of foam playroom mats is that they are anti-porous and scratch resistant meaning they are simple to clean, keep hygienic and will not wear prematurely from moisture damage, mould or bacteria build-up. These anti-bacterial mats are the ideal way to create an attractive playroom environment that is safe and simple to clean after spills and messy play.


  • Easy to Maintain

  • Simple to clean

  • Durable

  • Shock Absorbent

  • Colour & Style Options

  • Comfortable and Soft

  • Easy Installation

Rubber Playroom Flooring

Another popular playroom option to create a cosy space for young children or even older kids to play and tumble around, is rubber flooring. Rubber tiles are widely used in fitness applications for their superior shock absorption and anti-fatigue properties. They are also easy to wipe down or lightly mop, water resistant and simple to fit. Likewise, rubber play tiles come in puzzle format for even easier installation, different colours and styles, and are hardy enough to support play equipment and furniture.


  • Easy Clean

  • Simple Fitting

  • Various style and colour choices

  • Ultra protective

  • Durable

  • Support heavy loads

  • Water Resistant

Synthetic Grass Playroom Flooring

Artificial grass is brilliant for using in kids play. It resembles a fun, outdoor lawn without the maintenance. There is a huge choice of synthetic grass rolls and tiles to choose from, varying in quality, thickness and price. Why not create different zones with a mixture of artificial grass and rubber or foam tiles.


  • Vibrant and Engaging

  • Ultra soft

  • Fairly simple to Maintain

  • Protective

We also offer a wide range of playground flooring

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