Slip Resistant Rubber Flooring for Senior Care

Our Senior flooring solutions offer optimal protection from slips and falls, high comfort and a contemporary aesthetic that looks modern and attractive whether installed at home or within a care setting.

Our rubber tile flooring options are the perfect surface protection solution for assisted living facility spaces, care centres or senior citizens who require extra cushioning, support and a reduced risk of slipping on hard surfaces at home.

What is the best flooring material for aging adults?

Harder surfaces such as wood, laminate and luxury vinyl flooring look attractive and can be made safer using area rugs to add extra comfort and warmth, however they can be unforgiving when it comes to falls or become slippery when wet.

Other flooring types such as porcelain tiles, natural stone and other hard surface solutions should be avoided as they can be difficult to walk on with aids, a slip risk and dangerous if an accident was to occur as there is no impact absorption or padding to cushion a fall.

Cork flooring and vinyl flooring are softer alternatives but may be difficult to keep clean and maintain. Carpets are warm and comfortable underfoot but again can be challenging to keep clean and sanitary.

One of the best flooring options for seniors is rubber flooring. It naturally absorbs impact, has superior slip resistance and provides an extra layer of padding in the event of a trip or fall.

Let's look at the main benefits of rubber flooring.

Slip Resistant Surface

Unlike some hardwood flooring or laminate flooring options that can be slippery to the underfoot, our rubber flooring tiles have a non slip surface top layer that significantly reduces the risks of slips and falls. The ultra cushioned core protects the body from fatigue and safeguards against injury in the event of an accident.

Wheelchair Friendly

Our rubber flooring options work seamlessly with wheelchairs and walking aids to allow easy movement and functionality. The surface allows enough traction for wheels and aids to move across the floor without sliding, tripping hazards or bumps and creates a level platform for easy manoeuvre.

High Comfort

One of the main priorities of flooring for the elderly is comfort. Rubber flooring has a soft surface which is comfortable underfoot and is kind to bare feet. It's natural anti fatigue core helps to reduce tension and strain on the muscle and joints and shields the body from trauma in the event of a fall.

Extremely Hard Wearing

Stain resistant and waterproof, our Senior Care tiles are made from ultra durable SBR rubber. This is a heavy duty material with a robust construction designed to withstand the toughest environments and repeated use.

Sound Absorption

Not only does rubber flooring absorb impact, it also absorbs sound and vibration which means heavy footfall noise is significantly reduced. Many seniors may dislike the noise of footfall or sound vibration on hard surface flooring while rubber mats minimises noise and improves the sound and air quality of a space.

Water Resistant

Rubber flooring does not absorb moisture into the surface causing water damage or resulting in a build up of bacteria, funghi or mould. Hardwood floors and cork underlayment for example, are not tolerate of moisture and will easily seep into the surface of the material causing damage through to the core. For the same reasons, laminate and carpet options are not advisable in wet areas or spaces which may be prone to spillages and moisture.

Many of our thicker tile options have an in-built drainage system which allows water to easily pass through on the underside. Wet floors are a no-go when it comes to a safe living environment for an aging adult and rubber flooring will not become slick and hazardous when moist.

Low Maintenance

As well as being very easy to clean and naturally resistant to bacteria, rubber flooring is cost effective to maintain. It doesn't require consistent upkeep and regular maintenance or upgrades to keep it performing.

Easy Installation

Our rubber tiles can be installed directly onto concrete or over other subfloor types and can be glued down or butted together using compression. They can be easily fitted DIY without specialist assistance and cut to size using a utility knife.

Modern Aesthetic

Our Senior Care series has a modern and fresh appeal which enhances any style of interior, adding the idea of space and light. While a cream carpet or wood effect vinyl flooring may look fantastic, they are not practical candidates for surfaces that may be used for walking aids and wheelchairs.

Similarly, it is important to maintain a sanitary and clean environment within a care setting and these types of surfaces can stain, crack and scratch easily requiring costly upkeep, repairs and cleaning.

Suitable for:-

  • Senior Care facilities

  • Assisted Living facilities

  • Residential spaces

  • Wet areas/Bathroom Flooring

One of the Best Flooring Options for Senior Citizens

It might seem that there are limited styles available for flooring designed for safety first. Hardwood flooring, sheet vinyl, laminate and carpet flooring are popular household choices for flooring materials but they can become more difficult to maintain while caring for an elderly and vulnerable adult.

Hard material surfaces are a poor choice when weighing up your best options for slip resistance and safety due to their lack of padding underneath. Adding area rugs to real wood or hard surface stone can improve comfort but could become a trip hazard over time.

Rubber flooring provides the best shock absorption and is one of the safest flooring option for your aging loved ones or older adults delivering support and comfort for years to come.

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