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Ecore Athletic Elevate collection is very affordable and requires minimal maintenance, it offers a variety of tailored solutions, from resilient and soft surfaces to speciality slip-resistant surfacing.  These surfaces are specially designed for fitness spaces, entryway, locker, washrooms and transition areas.  Elevate is a collection made up of 5 flooring surfaces.  



Bounce 2 is a vinyl surface with a wood-grain or concrete look that is fusion bonded to a performance backing and is available in rolls.


Roster features a unique, non-woven surface that looks like carpet and is also fusion bonded to a performance backing. Available in interlocking tiles, Roster does not require any adhesive.


Spectator is a 2.5mm luxury vinyl tile offered in high-end wood and texture visuals and is available in planks and tiles.


The two safety floors available in this collection are manufactured by Polyflor and are available in rolls.


Frictional is a 2mm vinyl safety floor with an enhanced coefficient of friction to prevent falls,


Aqueous is a 2mm vinyl safety floor designed for continually wet areas where people are barefoot.