4 Gym Staples for Plyo Work

4 Gym Staples for Plyo Work

Plyometrics is a branch of aerobic fitness which concentrates on specific exercises to develop muscle and increase power of movement. This allows athletes or exercise beginners to enhance their level of performance by improving speed, strength and endurance.

In this article, we discuss:-

  • Examples of Plyometric Exercises
  • Key Benefits of Plyometrics
  • 4 Gym Staples for Plyo Work

Read on to find out how you can get the most out of Plyometric exercise and the best Gym equipment staples to get you started.

Examples of Plyometric Exercises

Plyometrics is based on using quick, intense movements with maximum effort in a short period of time.  It focuses on activities such as jump squats, reverse lunge knee-ups, burpees and box jumps to master the agility, power and endurance of your own bodyweight.

Standard type exercises are:-

  • Skater Hop
  • Burpees
  • Pop Squat
  • Tuck Jump

There are different levels of Plyometric exercise from simple, gentle movements to explosive, high-intensity sessions which challenge your entire body and muscle groups.

Key Benefits of Plyometrics

Building Plyometrics into your routine has a number of benefits.

Increases Speed and Power

Regular Plyometric workouts will increase your speed, coordination and overall strength.  This is particularly beneficial for athletes who rely on their performance levels in sports such as Volleyball, Football, Boxing and Track activities.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

By consistently using specific muscle groups with correct form you are able to boost your ability to absorb shock and impact reducing risk of tendon or ligament damage.

Adds Variety to Your Workout

Sticking to the same fitness routine can become dull and demotivating especially if you are no longer challenging yourself.  By adding a Plyometric spin to your training sessions you can achieve better results in a short time while increasing your motivation and stamina levels.

4 Gym Staples for Plyo Work

Whether you are just beginning your Plyometric journey or are a trained professional, you need to invest in the following gym staples to keep your workouts versatile, challenging and safe.

Plyometric Box

Plyo Boxes come in sets or sold individually and are a fantastic tool for performing box jumps and similar workouts.  With 3 height options, this sturdy 23kg Plyo Box from Super Strong Fitness is portable, super versatile and competitively priced.

Shock Absorbent Gym Mats

Plyometric exercise relies on a safe landing to protect your joints, tendons and ligaments from injury.  Gym mats or tiles help to absorb impact and reduce fatigue while you workout.



Skipping Ropes

Jumping is a key feature in Plyometric fitness.  Enter the faithful skipping rope, the perfect aid of improving agility and speed.  Urban Fitness do a great set of 2.7m leather jump ropes with foam handles for smooth and comfortable movement.


Weighted Vests and Free Weights

A weighted vest is the ideal accessory for increasing the intensity and efficiency of your Plyo workout.  With adjustable weight pockets and suitable for a wide range of exercises, a weighted vest can drive results in a shorter length of time.  Free weights can also be incorporated into Plyometric routines to add more challenge.




Plyometrics is a powerful method of training your body to master endurance, strength and fast-paced activity.  With so many physical benefits to both athletes and absolute beginners, it is an approach to fitness that can be tailored to suit your level and specific needs.  By sourcing a few gym staples to help you establish a good Plyometric routine, you will always have basic resources to hand for both Plyo work and other conditioning exercises. 



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4 Must-Haves for a Boxing Gym

4 Must-Haves for a Boxing Gym

A Boxing Gym is much the same as an ordinary gym with the exception of specific Boxing training equipment.  All though Boxing training features many standard fitness movements and exercises, there are also particular activities which make it unique.

In this article, read about what Boxing Training involves, the different styles of Boxing Training venue and the 4 Must-Have gym items needed to build a successful Boxing Training space.

We discuss:-

  • Boxing Gym Activities
  • Different Types of Boxing Training Spaces
  • 4 Must-Haves for a Boxing Gym 

What kind of Activities can I expect in a Boxing Gym?


Boxing Gym, Boxercise, Rayleigh Essex | honeysboxing.com


Boxing is a high energy, intensive sport that requires disciplined training and high levels of mental stamina.  In Boxing Gym's, trainers focus on activities to develop speed, power and endurance.  This can be anything from sprinting and jump squats to cardio sessions and types of strength training using both weights and specialist Boxing equipment.  The key idea with Boxing training is to build on technique and speed although this is down to what type of Boxing you plan on doing and the route you wish to follow.


Different Types of Boxing Training Spaces

There are many types of Boxing from Combat forms to MMA, so where can you carry out Boxing Training?

Boxing Clubs

The traditional Boxing Gym is cultivated through the community and tends to be a membership facility.  The art of Boxing and its many disciplines go back years with a rich history in promoting diversity and bringing cultures and backgrounds together through regular training and an active lifestyle.  This type of venue is best suited to someone who takes Boxing seriously and wants to commit to training or take their skills to the next level.


10 Banging Boxing gyms London - Find a boxing club in London

Boxing Sessions in the Gym

Many leisure facilities and sports clubs have dedicated Boxing Training areas where you can take part in classes or work out on your own using specialist equipment.  Popular group activities are Kick Boxing and Boxercise using elements of Cardio and Boxing moves in a workout session.  This is the ideal choice for an absolute Beginner who is curious about Boxing and wants to explore the sport as a fitness form.


Personal Training Sessions

If you are interested in taking up Boxing but would rather learn on a one-to-one basis there is the option of trying a personal trainer who specialises in Boxing techniques.  Sessions can be held at home, in a private gym or club.


Boxing training equipment for beginners | Argos

Home Boxing Gym

With the increase in Home Gyms, more and more Boxing enthusiasts have taken their training home.  From beginners to Professionals, Boxing Gyms are quickly becoming a 'thing'.  This allows trainers at all levels, to practice and perfect their technique whether they are training for an event or simply getting fit.


4 Must-Haves for a Boxing Gym

To create a safe and effective gym space for Boxing Training there are a few simple essentials that need to be put in place.

Punching Bags

Heavy bags are a set of punch bags that are used for daily training and come in different sizes, weights and positions.  These are for both beginners and professionals to master technique, build on strength and develop speed.  They also allow users to practice specific moves.


Bagwork Fundamentals - 6 Important Tips when Hitting the Bag | Ringside  Boxing Blog

Speed Balls

A Boxing Gym should have a set of Speed Balls to assist with reflex, coordination and concentration.


Media 0

Protective Flooring


Safety flooring is a key element of a Boxing Gym.  With sports such as Boxing and Martial Arts, the under surface needs to have a little bit of traction, some resilience and heavy cushioning to protect the body from injury.  Most Boxing Gyms opt for foam based material such as Eva Puzzle Tiles or Heavy duty Rubber Mats.  These come in various sizes, thicknesses and bright, energetic colours.  Easy to slot together, these tiles and mats retain position while you train.


Dripex Foam Mat Thick – Dripex-UK

Safety Gear

Mouth guards, head shields and suitable protective gloves are a must for Boxing training.  They protect the user from severe injury whether they are simply beginners or seasoned fighters.

Boxing Equipment List


Boxing is a very diverse sport with many styles and levels.  A Boxing gym should have the basic essentials to allow users to experiment with equipment and practice their technique while improving overall fitness.  Suitable safety measures such as proper gym flooring and safety gear should also be key factors in setting up your Boxing training space. 

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Damage Control - Common Gym Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Damage Control - Common Gym Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Commercial Gyms are busy, populated areas with lots of equipment.  If specific safety measures are not put in place, this can cause accidents to occur which can result in injury to gym-users or the surrounding environment.  This is also true in Home Gym spaces.



In this article we look at:-

  • What are the Most Common Gym Accidents
  • Safety Meaures You Can Take to Prevent Gym Accidents

If you want to create a workout space that is free from potential accidents or to ensure your Commercial Gym facility is an injury-free zone, read on for some top tips.

What are the Most Common Gym Accidents

7 Ways to Avoid the Most Common Workout Injuries | Muscle & Fitness


Working-out should be enjoyable and flexible.  You should only be concerned about the exercise you are performing and how it makes you feel rather than be worried about possible injury or accidents.  So what are the most common accidents to give us a head start.

Slips & Falls

Slip and Fall Accidents at the Gym | Tavss Fletcher


Many accidents can take place as a result of slips and falls.  This is usually because of slippy or uneven surfaces and stray equipment lying out as a trip hazard.  Some people workout without using suitable mats or gym flooring increasing the risk of slips and falls.

Body Injuries

Are you prone to injuries during workout? Here is how to avoid them - The  Economic Times


Injury to Shoulder, Back, Knee and Ankle ligaments, joints and tendons are very common in a gym environment.  Mainly down to the gym-user by not adequately carrying out warm-ups or overdoing exercise in terms of frequency and intensity, injury can also be caused by unsuitable gym equipment and support measures such as floor mats and trained staff not being in place. 

Floor Damage 

Will Bumper Plates Damage a Concrete Garage Floor? | Two Rep Cave


Heavy weights being dropped on a solid floor will undoubtedly result in damage.  This is also the case if heavy gym equipment like Treadmills, Bikes, Rowers and Weight Racks are not properly supported.  This type of damage is costly to repair and will mean a further safety hazard to your gym space.

Noise Disturbance

Grunting at the gym: How loud is too loud? - National | Globalnews.ca


Loud noise and vibration not only causes disturbance to other users or neighbours, it can also affect performance and concentration, resulting in accidents.  For example, working out in a Garage can be noisy and you may become startled when someone suddenly enters which could end up with dropping weights or injuring yourself.  Uncontrolled noise from weight dropping on hard surfaces or overused machinery can potentially cause secondary accidents because of decreased communication between users.

Safety Measures You Can Take to Prevent Gym Accidents

To keep your gym facility or private fitness space safe and free from potential hazards will protect your body and environment letting you get the most out of your workouts.  Let's consider the simple things that can be done to ensure an accident-free fitness zone.

Floor Protection

Gym Flooring - Best Gym Flooring Company in UK | Gym Mats

Weight Training, Functional Training and exercise in general needs to support the user.  Gym flooring that provides shock absorption and high density will withstand heavy impact and prevent repetitve strain and fatigue.  Similarly, rubber gym flooring will protect your subfloor from repeated weight drops that could damage the surface.  Proper gym tiles have a non-slip surface against trips and falls and are easy to keep clean.

Rubber Crumb Gym Floor Tiles - 15mm | Arkmat

Sound Reducing Surfaces and Insulation

In areas with noisy equipment or high impact activity that involves weights, it is advisable to insulate your walls and floors with a suitable sound-reducing material.  Rubber flooring is excellent for dulling sound and minimising noise.  This allows users of gym machinery to focus on performance and utilise equipment safely.


40MM Rubber Gym Tiles | Heavy Duty Tiles – Sprung Gym Flooring 

Trained Staff

Commercial gyms should have enough trained members of staff available to assist users with gym equipment and advise on proper warm-ups, correct form and weight usage.  


Successfully Managing Your Gym Assets: Staff - Precor (UK)

Knowledgable Users

Best Exercise Machines For Cardio, And The Worst!


Gym users should know how to properly operate gym machinery and have enough information when they need it.  Gym inductions, training and information sources should be readily available to avoid users making mistakes and injuring themselves.

Equipment Storage

Gym Storage | Power Systems


Gym equipment and accessories need to be stored in safe, easily accessible places to avoid rolling Dumbells, Weight Plates and other resources causing trip hazards.  To keep your fully equipped gym space 100% safe, invest in good storage solutions such as racks, wall mounted brackets and shelving.  This will maintain your equipment and reduce accidental damage.


Whether you have a private Home Gym or a Commercial facility, putting a few simple measures in place can minimise the risk of injury to users or damage to your property.  Look at investing in protective equipment, suitable storage and training staff and users on how to train safely in the gym.

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How do our Customers Rate Us?  Reviews 2022

How do our Customers Rate Us? Reviews 2022

Customer feedback is essential for consumers to make informed decisions when buying products.  At Gym-Flooring this is probably the single most important element of our business.  Since we began trading in late 2019, our online customer feedback has been invaluable and has helped us shape our business by offering the best customer service and products in the industry.

In this article we take a look at some of our favourtite customer reviews from this year.

Read on to find out what customers think about:-

  • Specific Products
  • Product Installation & Performance
  • Customer Service
  • Price & Value

Specific Products

We have a wide range of gym and fitness floor solutions in various thicknesses, sizes and designs.  Let's look at our most popular options and frequently reviewed products.


Sprung Standard 30mm Tile 

Steve H April 2022

"Quality Floor - From ordering to delivery was 1st class, laying the floor was fairly easy as well.  Didn't need any glue they just don't move, perfect.  I like how they make my garage gym look and feel, no damage when dropping weights.  No problem with heavy deadlifts either."

Sprung Standard 20mm Tile 

Gary C Jan 2022

"Fantastic Gym Flooring - Perfect for home gym setup with the use of heavy weights in mind when purchasing. Great and easy to lay too.


Sprung Standard 11mm Tile

Sam T March 2022

"Perfect lighter weight gym flooring for my home gym.  They look brilliant and the quality is fantastic.  Will recommend to anyone thinking of a gym space at home"


Product Installation & Performance

Our gym tiles can be fitted simply, without adhesive or specialist installation following our user-friendly Tutorial video.  Our recent reviews show how helpful this has been as well as rating high on product performance.

Chris W February 2022

"After having a search around for heavy duty rubber floor mats I came across these ones.  The reviews and price sold it to me so bought 6 of the 11mm mats for my budget micro gym I was creating in my cellar, I don’t have a lot of fancy equipment but I wanted the floor to be right.

The mats arrived on a pallet and I took them down 1 at a time as they’re quite heavy, which is what I wanted them to be as I wasn’t sticking them down, but just followed the video on their website about overlapping them about 5mm in a brickwork pattern so they could be kicked into place and then were a compression fit so they’re not moving anywhere.


I followed the instructions on cutting them, which worked perfectly with a nice clean cut. It was also easy to scribe one of the edges to fit the uneven wall better.

I’d definitely recommend these mats (I already have to a few fitness friends) and wouldn’t hesitate again should I need any more".


Customer Service & Delivery

We pride ourselves in excellent Customer Service and fast delivery.

Tim G - January 2022



"Excellent Customer Service - I converted my garage into a gym over Christmas. I read the Sprung reviews and decided to order without checking stock with them. I had to move the garage contents into the kitchen. Thankfully when Sprung came back from the holidays they really pushed the boat out to get me my order asap. I'm really pleased with the flooring it's transformed the garage and also really competitively priced with free delivery topping that off".

Price and Value

At Sprung Gym-Flooring we offer very competitive prices for the quality we deliver.  All of our products are sourced from reputable suppliers and are quality checked before leaving our Warehouse.

Lauren L - March 2022

"Amazing! - Brilliant quality flooring. It has totally transformed our home gym"



Paul F - January 2022

"Great product.  Bought these tiles to replace some lightweight gym flooring I thought would work. These tiles are very strong, very heavy (so will stay in place) and, thanks to the online video tutorial, easy to lay. Would recommend them to anyone".


The first part of 2022 has seen us receive some very positive feedback on Product Quality, Customer Service and Website Information regarding installation.  Customer feedback remains the most important aspect of our business, helping other consumers to make the right decisions but also providing us with valuable insight into what areas of our company we should try to enhance or improve.

April 22, 2022 — Katie McKay
The Most Effective 3G Turf Solutions for Educational Sport

The Most Effective 3G Turf Solutions for Educational Sport

Many UK Schools have embraced Outdoor Learning and Sport as a core part of the school curriculum.  Newly built schools now have fully integrated Sports facilities that support the community with an infrastructure that includes playing fields, indoor fitness suites and swimming facilities.  

Similarly, a large number of educational establishments are leaning towards versatile, low-maintenance materials that are eco-friendly and able to withstand outdoor conditions. Sustainable, yet durable surfaces such as 3G Sports Turf and other synthetic materials are increasingly popular.

In this article we look at:-

  • 3G Sports Turf - What is it?
  • The Benefits of 3G Sports Turf
  • The Most Effective 3G Turf Solutions for School Sport

3G Sports Turf - What is it?


3G Sports turf is a high grade synthetic grass made from sand, rubber and quality artificial grass fibres.  It typically ranges in height between 12mm and 60mm and comes in various styles and sizes to suit a wide range of sports.  Due to it's resilience and good ball bounce, it is commonly used in field and team sports such as football, rugby and hockey. 

Sports turf also comes in track format for sprinting, sled pulling or fitness activities.

Other varieties are available as play turf and lawn turf for gardens, play areas and recreation grounds.



The Benefits of 3G Sports Turf

There are numerous benefits for using 3G turf solutions in schools and other educational facilities.

Let's look at this in more detail:-



The flexibility for 3G Sports Turf is huge.  It caters for Football, Rugby, Netball, Tennis and Badminton, Hockey as well as athletic activities, games, leisure and play.  Some products come with painted in markings although turf can be easily painted to add the sports relevant to your school programme.

Maximises Use all Year Round


Weather can affect the regularity of team games if snow and severe rain flood natural grass playing fields.  3G turf allows users to enjoy the facilities in every season despite the weather.  Most importantly, 3G turf has a weather resistant backing with self-draining features meaning the exterior conditions will not cause damage from moisture, rot or mould.

Low Maintenance


A huge draw for users is the fact that 3G turf performs well with virtually zero maintenance.  There is no cutting, watering and preparing on a regular basis to keep the playing surface looking verdant and suitable for use.  This reduces the overall cost of investing in a 3G surface.



Purchasing a 3G court is an investment.  It has an initial costs which for some ranges can be fairly expensive.  However, you receive the return of the investment through a maintenance-free upkeep.  Maintaining a natural grass playing field is costly and if it is not well looked after will rapidly go to seed.  In the long-term, a 3G Sports Turf is more cost-effective.  Excellent 3G pitches can also generate additional financial benefits.  Many facilities rent out their courts for specialist bookings.

High Performance


3G is specially designed with strong but resilient fibres to allow for excellent ball bounce, traction and free movement for players.  The non-abrasive material adds comfort and the protective under-layer supports users ligaments and joints from slips and falls. 

High Aesthetic


A well maintained natural landscape is a thing of beauty.  With high quality synthetic turf this can be achieved without the regular upkeep needed for real grass.  Playing fields need to be specially prepared prior to games and maintained constantly to keep them looking fantastic whereas a 3G turf court will look great all year round. With bold and playful colour options, there is also the option to be creative and add bold colour combinations with sprint tracks or incorporate a team logo into the design.

The Most Effective 3G Solutions for School Sport



Suitable for Football, Rugby, Hockey and Netball this multi-functional court prioritises in player comfort and protection with fantastic shock absorption qualities and non-abrasive fibres.  Clubcourt comes in a 13mm pile height and has the deep green, natural appeal of an authentic grass playing field.



This extremely durable multi sports turf is particularly popular for Tennis and Badminton because of its incredible resilience and vivid green coloured fibres.  Crosscourt has added biomechanical properties meaning it is super shock absorbent and its non-abrasive surface gives high player comfort as well as performance.

Multiplay 2220


A category 2 system, the Multiplay 2220 turf is ideal for a number of ball sports and comes in a number of different colours with options for built in court markings.   With an ultra sturdy latex base that has self-drainage holes and is resistant to outdoor damage, this highly versatile court is perfect for school team sports in all seasons.


School sports and outdoor fitness has never been more important. This demands for durable, long-lasting surfaces and external spaces to support the growing needs of the school and the community.  3G Sports Turf is one of the most popular outdoor surface solutions because of it's many benefits compared to natural grass.  With it's high return in investment and low maintenance, sports turf is an obvious choice for educational sport.

April 19, 2022 — Katie McKay
Tracking Your Way to the Top - How Gym Turf can Drive Results

Tracking Your Way to the Top - How Gym Turf can Drive Results

Gym turf has become an increasingly popular feature in the modern fitness world. Adopted by sports facilities, training centres and home gyms as an alternative flooring surface to perform high impact activities, we look at the main uses of this exciting trend and how it can benefit private gym owners and fitness enthusiasts alike.

In this article find out:-

  • What is Gym Turf?
  • The Main Types of Gym Turf
  • Key Benefits of Using Gym Turf
  • Quick Buying Guide 

What is Gym Turf?

What Is the Best Turf For an XFit Gym: CrossFit Flooring Options


Gym turf is a high density synthetic grass which is made with short pile fibres and a sturdy latex undercarriage.  The tufted pile allows for high impact activities and various field sports to be performed indoors and outdoors without the need for regular maintenance.

It typically comes in bold strong colour options aswell as markings such as numbers, track lines for sprinting and bespoke patterns.  Synthetic turf comes in large rolls which can be used over an entire space or available in track format of varying sizes.

The material should be robust and provide protection and shock absorption when carrying out high impact exercises.  This prevents injury to users aswell as avoiding damage to the subfloor.

The Main Types of Gym Turf

Common uses of gym turf can vary from sprinting and sled-pulling to Crossfit and Functional Training.  The main types can be split into 4 categories:-

Standard Turf


Synthetic turf for gym fitness applications


This gym turf is plain and in standard colours such as Green, Blue and Red.  The product comes in rolls which is suited for areas such as indoor sports halls.  Artificial turf is also used in specific areas of a gym to create zones and to add colour into the design.



New Year Sale Gym Artificial Grass For Sled Track - Buy Gym Synthetic  Turf,Gym Flooring,Artificial Grass Gym Product on Alibaba.com


Gym tracks are used for sprinting, sled-pulling, crossfit activities and functional training.  These rolls of sports turf tend to have markings already painted or tufted into the design.

Bespoke Turf

Indoor And Outdoor Crossfit Functional Training Gym Turf - Meetefit


A popular way of incorporating a logo into your gym floor is by adding this into the sports track or selecting specific colours to represent a sports team.  Select programmes and training methods can be built into your turf or track so you have all the grid markings, numbers and features needed to perform your own personal training style.


3G Turf

3G Artificial Grass Installation & Resurfacing


3G Turf is synthetic grass used for team games such as Football, Hockey, Rugby etc and is mainly installed outdoors.  It is a high grade solution which uses sand, rubber and artificial grass to produce strong, durable playing surfaces.  These come in different styles of turf pile such as Profoot, Crosscourt and Clubcourt and vary in roll sizes.  It can be more expensive than other turfs because it needs to be weather resistant and strong enough to withstand high level sports while supporting performance.

Key Benefits of Using Gym Turf

Incorporating a sports track or a dedicated area for Crossfit for example, can optimise the user's experience aswell as providing significant commercial benefits to a gym owner.

Here are just some of the plus-points:-

Maximises Space

Outdoor Indoor Gym Blue Carpet Flooring Grass For Pushing Sled - Buy  Outdoor Indoor Gym Grass,Outdoor Indoor Gym Carpet Flooring Grass,Outdoor  Indoor Gym Blue Carpet Flooring Grass For Pushing Sled Product on


Gym turf can maximise a space's potential to accommodate a number of functions while remaining fairly low-maintenance.  Many exercise and workout types can be grouped together instead of creating separated zones saving on space.

High Versatility

grass mat for gym Off 67%


A huge draw in utilising sports turf in a gym facility or sports centre is the flexibility of use.  This type of surface can be used for various sports as well as contemporary gym functions and can also be used outdoors.

Cost-Effective and Low Maintenance

8 Reasons to Install an Artificial Grass Performance Track at Your Gym or  Sports Club


Investing in gym turf may have an initial cost, however the fact that there is very little maintenance, this saves costs in the long-term.  Unlike natural grass, you don't need to water and cut synthetic turf on a regular basis and the space is ready for use straightaway without the need for preparation.  After installation, activities and sports can be performed straightaway and if outdoors, will not effect the event as a result of adverse weather conditions.

Increases Motivation 

Best Astro Turf for Sled Training (2021)


Having a dedicated space for workouts you love can boost motivation and commitment to fitness.  Likewise, if a gym provides plenty of choice with an interesting and varied layout, users are more likely to return.

Brand Recognition & Reputation


Gym Sled tracks | Sterling Turf


By opting for brand colours or a logo in your sports turf feature you can promote your company and present a stronger brand image.  Similarly, if users enjoy their gym experience because of the wide range of activities you can grow your reputation within gym communities.

Strong Aesthetic

How to Disinfect Indoor Artificial Turf 

Not only does sports turf add more value to your space on a personal or commercial basis, it looks amazing!  Bold, energetic colours and different textures throughout the gym helps to create a defined, professional look with a positive and exciting ambience.

Quick Buying Guide

Choosing gym turf should be dependent on what type of activities you plan to use it for as well as considering the amount of space you have.

Commercial gyms should try to incorporate a fitness track solution such as Sprung Premium that allows for a variety of functions in one space and has all markings included.  Try selecting colours similar to your brand logo to give your space character.



Personal Training Studios should also consider selecting an option which amplifies the scale and level of use.  The Essential range which has standard markings caters for functional training, Crossfit, sprinting and sled-pulling.




Home gyms come in all shapes and sizes.  Smaller spaces can still benefit from using sports turf to create specific zones or tracks that facilitate home style training.  You would be surprised as to what you can fit into a Garage gym and adding a sled track for instance is not unrealistic. The Uni range is a plain track which you can use to your liking.  Gym markings can be painted/applied to the turf and comes in various sizes.



Gym turf can play a big role in how your gym functions, operates and delivers from a commercial perspective as well as for a private gym user.  Home Gyms are often used for personal training spaces and adding a track feature or gym turf adds that professional edge.  With the versatility of gym turf, it can open up brand new avenues of opportunity both in growing your gym brand and in your personal fitness goals.

April 07, 2022 — Katie McKay
How Sustainable Is Rubber Flooring?

How Sustainable Is Rubber Flooring?

In terms of sustainability, rubber flooring as a material is eco-friendly, recycleable with a low impact on the environment.  As there are different ways of producing rubber products, we look at the differences in the main types of material and how modern practices such as recycling rubber can have a huge impact on our eco-system.

In this article we look at:-

  • The Main Types of Rubber Flooring and How they are Manufactured
  • How Sustainable is Rubber Flooring?



Find out why rubber flooring is the go-to option across several industries such as fitness, sport, utilities, education and healthcare.

What are the Main Types of Rubber Flooring?

Rubber flooring products can be broken down to into two main types, Natural Rubber flooring or Synthetic/Recycled Rubber flooring.

Natural Rubber Flooring

Natural Rubber Latex - Partners in Chemicals


Natural rubber is derived from latex which is extracted from the trunk of the Hevea Plant and made into various products from rubber bands and car tires to swimming caps and surgeon gloves.  The substance is extremley elastic, tensible and versatile which is why it is utilised in so many different capacities.  This type of rubber flooring is more expensive to manufacture and less durable than synthetic rubber or recycled rubber flooring which is why so many industries opt for the latter.

Synthetic and Recycled Rubber Flooring



When we refer to synthetic rubber flooring we are describing rubber that has been formulated in a plant with other components to create a high quality product that can withstand heavy loads, adverse weather and continuous use.  Similarly, recycled rubber flooring is usually a mix of SBR and EPDM rubber granules fabricated from truck tires and a polymer resin.  This then produces rubber tiles, mats and rolls suited to a number of applications. Popular uses are fitness tiles, playground surfaces, safety flooring and horse mats.


Types of Synthetic Rubber Flooring



Common types of Synthetic rubber are SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber), EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), Nitrile, Neoprene and Silicone.  Gym flooring rolls, fitness mats and playground rubber tiles are usually a mixture of both SBR and EPDM as these components result in very resilient, high density and heavy duty surface strength.


How Sustainable is Rubber Flooring?

Ecologically-Friendly Rubber Flooring Options


Both natural and synthetic rubber is environmentally-kind.  Natural rubber is an organic substance, a renewable source which is biodegradeable and will decompose over time. 

Both types can be recycled to produce other rubber products, reducing landfill and it's overall carbon footprint.  A good example of this is truck tires which now make the majority of rubber flooring products we use today.

Similarly, when we recycle rubber, we cut down on the harvesting and new production of rubber which significantly modifies energy use.


What is Tire Recycling and How To Do It?


Increasingly, rubber manufacturing plants are continously looking at ways to produce rubber that is more sustainable, however,  science, technology and economic factors will determine how quickly these enhancements take shape and drive significant change.

Final Thoughts

Rubber is in high demand and the material is used globally to produce a wide range of consumables, some more necessary than others.  Due to the expense and social impact of harvesting natural rubber, modern manufacturers of synethic rubber are beginning to develop more sustainable supply chains as well as recycling rubber to reduce carbon emission. Recycled rubber flooring is the most sustainable and is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in sports and recreation, industrial buildings and playground facilities.  Like most materials, there is always room for greater sustainability with rubber flooring being no different.

March 31, 2022 — Katie McKay
Home Gym Styles & 5 Amazing Examples to Inspire You

Home Gym Styles & 5 Amazing Examples to Inspire You

Homebound fitness is a regular part of everyday life nowadays.  The global pandemic has resulted in dedicated fitness spaces popping up in spare rooms, garages, basements and outdoor garden buildings. With people reframing their relationship with fitness and mental wellbeing, the positive outcome is that home style fitness is here to stay.



Here we look at the most common ways of creating a work out area at home that blends well with most lifestyles and budgets, but most importantly is consistent and permanent.  To get the most out of investing in a home gym, you need to think long-term.  Is this space going to fulfil my fitness aspirations for the long-haul and will I enjoy using it?



If you are considering a home gym, we also explore some unique and inspiring home fitness designs to boost your motivation and help you identify what elements are important to you.

Where do I build my Home Gym?

The answer to this, is simply down to space.  You need to select an area of your home that has adequate space to accommodate your favourite equipment and allow you to safely work out without disruption.  The space should be comfortable in temperature, well lit and ideally insulated to avoid noise disturbance.

Spare Room


A spare room is a great location for a home gym.  All too often, unused rooms can accumulate storage and unwanted furniture so if you are commited to incorporating more fitness into your lifestyle, now is the time for that clear out.  You will be amazed at how much space a newly cleared room can provide.  If you haven't got alternative places for storage, then consider storage racks to allow more floor space.  To protect your ligaments and tendons from injury, also look at gym mats to absorb impact from repetitive movements and weights.



Garages are a popular solution to working out at home.  Like unused rooms of the house, they often gather storage, tools and let's be honest, household junk.  For maximum benefit, clear the garage space first before setting up your gym.  Use racks and mounted storage if necessary but the area should be free from obstacles and non-gym equipment.  As outdoor buildings can be draughty and noisy, Anti-Shock tiles are the ideal floor option for reducing sound and keeping the space insulated in cooler months.



Outdoor Garden Room


For many people, space indoors is limited.  This is where modular outbuildings come in.  Available in all shapes, sizes and materials, Garden rooms are the modern answer to additional living space.  Homeowners use these spaces as offices, hobby rooms, play areas and very commonly, gyms. Modular buildings such as these do not need to be expensive, there are more economic ways of creating a sheltered outdoor gym using less costly materials.  The most important aspect of an outdoor gym is that it provides suitable shelter for use in all weathers and protects your gym equipment.  A safe and durable outdoor surface is also key for protecting your external substrate from damage while supporting your body from fatigue.


Basement or Loft Gym


Above or below the house is another great place to set up a workout room.  Away from the rest of the household and utilising space which is typically stacked full of storage, a loft or basement area is the perfect gym location.  Again, suitable flooring, lighting and heating should be put in place before you build your design.  If you don't have windows, think about fans to allow enough air circulation and invest in good lighting.

5 Home Gym Designs to Inspire You

Let's look at some funky, playful and chic Home Gym's to get your creative juices flowing.


If bright colour is your thing then there is no limit to how you can use this to create and enhance your gym experience. In this gym design, they have chosen bold, vibrant colours on the walls to boost mood and motivation.  Colour can also be used on the floor by opting for dual colour tatami tiles or flecked gym mats in puzzle design.



Well Equipped

There is nothing like a well-equipped gym with all your favourite machines and workout accessories.  A good personal gym space should be varied and versatile, so it is important to incorporate choice and include quality pieces that are multi-functional.  There is no rule to say that all gym kit should be matching so mix it up, add colour or use a themed colour.




Everybodies idea of luxury is different, however if you want to create a sleek, modern home gym design then think shiny, metallic equipment, mirrored walls and polished paintwork. Add designer, interlocking gym flooring available in velvet black, stone grey or 5 fleck colour options for a commercial gym finish.



Urban & Industrial

With exposed brick and pipework and a boxing feature to this gym design, give the space a relaxed, industrial vibe.  This is simple to achieve in rooms such as garages and basements where there will already be exposed materials and unfinished elements in the space.  You can celebrate these parts by painting pipework, adding heavy duty, rubber flooring and leaving ceilings exposed.





This gym has incorporated natural elements and materials such as a living wall, oak flooring and ambient lighting.  Nature adds energy and vitality to a space, so add plantlife and greenery were you can.

Final Thoughts

By embracing the creation of a home gym that works in every way for you is key to long-term and consistent fitness at home.  If you think carefully about all the important factors prior to your design, such as location, space, comfort and budget, it will set the foundations for a home gym that can be adapted to meet your specific needs and personal style.  

March 23, 2022 — Katie McKay
How To Create an Outdoor Crossfit Space

How To Create an Outdoor Crossfit Space

With more of us utilising our outdoor spaces and gardens for additional living spaces, there is no limit to what you can create as a clever solution to extra space, play areas, gyms, yoga studios and even home offices.

There are different types of outdoor space such as covered courtyards, garden rooms, sheds, modular units and sheltered platforms for dedicated exercise.  This is where Crossfit comes in.

To get the most out of Crossfit there needs to be a few important elements in place so that you can enjoy working out safely and without the concern of premature damage to your equipment or adverse weather affecting your accessibility.

How do I Make My Outdoor Crossfit Gym Work?


Here we look at the main factors to consider when designing and maintaining an Outdoor Crossfit gym.


Crossfit can involve several pieces of equipment varying from jump ropes, battle ropes and weights to power racks, sleds and spin bikes.  To ensure you have adequate space to include your favourite workout kit you need to think about how things will be positioned.  Consider how big your existing space is and how much equipment you want to include at the design stage.  Crossfit gyms do not need to be huge, but you want to prioritise the equipment you like using.



Weather plays a big part in an outdoor gym space.  Even in hot, summer months you do not want direct sunlight affecting your performance.  If you are creating a gym within a covered space such as a Garden room or modular building, you will already have suitable shelter, however consider temperatures, insulation (for cooler days), fans and shades.



For more open gyms, it is a good idea to incorporate some type of temporary cover.  There are loads of materials and options on the market from waterproof canopy's to PVC awnings that will allow you to use your gym despite rain or extreme sunlight.

Suitable Protective Flooring

Most Crossfit activity is high impact and involving weights.  To protect your body from injury or repetitive strain, it is essential that you have a high density shock absorbent surface in place.  Likewise, you need to protect the subfloor/concrete from damage.



Consider Anti-Shock gym tiles which have inbuilt drainage for outdoor use.  From a 40mm thickness to 60mm, these tiles will cushion falls and absorb impact and noise from equipment and weight dropping.  Most importantly, these gym mats will remain stable (without adhesive) as they butt together due to their weight and retain their position.



Alternatively, choose an Outdoor Rubber Tile which is multi-use and can be used for fitness, kids play and patio areas.  The 40mm thickness and self-drainage delivers protection from heavy impact, high traffic and load bearing while enduring all weather conditions.

Gym turf is another surface option that can be incorporated into your outdoor gym design.  Particularly good for pulling, pushing and sprinting, synthetic grass is a safe and easily maintained solution for Crossfit activities.

Durable Equipment

When investing in your Crossfit equipment and accessories, think about choosing materials that will withstand outdoor use better than others.  Think about rust-resistant and UV protected pieces that are easily portable and stored.


Long-Term Maintenance

An outdoor gym should be created with long-term in mind.  That means thinking about all seasons, the main users of the space and how portable your design and equipment is.  With that in mind, it is good to consider equipment and storage options that align with your plans.



Can your Crossfit gym space double up as a children's play area when not in use.  Maxmise your space as much as you can so that you and other members of your family can get the most out of it.  Think of how you will form your space and if you can save costs by creating zones, using multi-functional flooring and seating to accommodate different functions like fitness, play, dining or hobbies.


Garden gym and play room - Modern - Garden Shed and Building - Sussex - by  A Room in the Garden | Houzz UK

Final Thoughts

Taking fitness outside is a great idea if you can.  By considering the key components that make a Crossfit gym work and your specific environment, you can create a budget-friendly space that is safe, durable and will remain functional for years to come.

March 18, 2022 — Katie McKay
5 Multi-Purpose Ways to Use Play Tiles

5 Multi-Purpose Ways to Use Play Tiles

Rubber Playground tiles are designed to withstand all weather conditions. From rain to sunshine, these tiles are super robust with self-draining and anti-slip properties. They provide a comfortable and safe play area for children, however they also have multiple outdoor uses. You can create a non-slip surface with maximum shock absorption for outdoor fitness, yoga or even patio areas. Keep reading to find out five ways you can use playground tiles. 

In this article:

  • What are Playground Rubber Tiles?
  • 5 Ways You Can Use Playground Rubber Tiles 

What are Playground Rubber Tiles?

As the name suggests, playground tiles are designed for safe outdoor play and to prevent injury from slips and falls by providing a slip resistant surface that cushions movement and protects heavy play equipment such as slides and swing sets.

Our Safety Playground Tiles are available in three fun colours as well as both 30mm and 40mm sizes. The tiles use a premium rubber with UV particles but are non-toxic and eco-friendly. This means that the tiles won’t fade in the sunlight and can deal with rain and winds as the seasons change.  Simple to maintain and clean, Playground tiles are also easy to fit and have an inbuilt drainage channel on the underside.

5 Ways You Can Use Playground Rubber Tiles 

Although the tiles are primarily made to create a foundation for safe outdoor play, these qualities make them an excellent choice for multiple uses. You can craft a functional space that serves several purposes. Here are five ways you can use playground rubber tiles

Children’s Parks

Playground tiles create a fantastic surface for children’s parks. When you have children running, jumping, and potentially falling, you need non-slip and shock-absorbent flooring. As there tends to be a higher risk of slips and falls in children’s parks, it’s important to make the area as safe as possible. If you plan on using the tiles with climbing frames or something similar, you must check the thickness you need against the critical fall height. This helps you to choose the safest option possible.

Leisure Centres

Another way to use playground tiles is in leisure centres with outdoor sport and play areas. Often, with leisure centres, you need to have multifunctional spaces that can cater to different audiences and purposes. When the surface has enough traction for safe play, it’s usually got plenty of shock-absorbing and non-slip properties. This means it also doubles up as a great spot for outdoor fitness and children’s play areas.  

Back Garden Play Area


Rubber playground tiles are suitable for both commercial and personal use. If you’re looking to set up a play area in your back garden for the family, these tiles are an excellent choice. By using rubber tiles, you can create a safe zone for play, especially if you’re using any climbing frames or play equipment. Crafting a play zone in the garden also helps to keep any toys and play to a certain area which is useful when trying to organise your back garden. 

Outdoor Fitness Space

Playground tiles are ideal for creating an outdoor fitness space. If you’re looking to create an outdoor fitness space either at home or in a commercial setting, rubber tiles are perfect. Firstly, the premium rubber material can withstand all weather conditions and doesn’t fade in the sunshine.

Whenever choosing fitness flooring, it’s always important to match your needs and purpose to the surface. Rubber tiles are great for outdoor fitness. But if you’re planning on doing very heavy weight lifting or Olympic lifting, it’s a good idea to look for a heavy-duty tile like the Antishock Range which starts at 40mm right up to 60mm in thickness.  This range is suitable for exterior use.


Patio Seating Area 

Finally, playground tiles are a suitable surface for an outdoor seating area. What’s great about using rubber tiles as a base is that you can use them for several purposes. Your patio seating area is often a place where family and friends sit together. This way, you can use the outdoor space for a combination of events, from hosting a family dinner to a child-friendly party.


Final Thoughts

Our rubber playground tiles are perfect for fun and safe children’s play but they also suitable for various applications, including leisure centres, garden seating areas, recreational parks and school playground flooring. With maximum shock absorption, non-slip, and anti-fatigue properties, you can deliver the required protection needed for kids play and home fitness as well as creating functional, seating areas that look fantastic.

March 10, 2022 — Katie McKay
How to Create a Safe & Engaging Play Space

How to Create a Safe & Engaging Play Space

Play spaces can be anything from a section of your Living Room or a fully dedicated Gaming room.  Whether you are considering a small play nook or a playroom for your child, we know that technology plays a large part in children's learning and education through music, dance, yoga, interactive games and story groups.  That being said, we need to consider the main features for a child's play space to be safe, comfortable and practical.

In this article:

  • The Importance of Safe Play Area for Kids 
  • 5 Ways to Create a Children’s Play Area 

The Importance of Safe Play Area for Kids

Play areas allow kids to have fun, develop language, imagination, and skills. It’s normal for children to run, jump, and fall while playing. Whether their climbing or running around or playing with building blocks, it’s essential that you create a safe environment for children. 

A safe play area should feature cushioning to support active children and plenty of shock absorption to prevent injury from slips and falls. Similarly, you need to think about simple maintenance and easy cleaning.  You want something that will withstand repetitive impact and is simple to clean.  That is why your flooring choice is so important in your playroom design.  

5 Ways to Create a Children’s Play Area

Here are tips on creating a safe and engaging play space.  

Transform Unused Space

A good children’s play area should feel welcoming, inspiring, and engaging. Think about the rooms in your house and start by focusing on unused space. If you have a spare room or even a small space in the house you don’t use; you can transform it into a play area. It’s useful to assign a play space in the house to allow easy toy storage and give kids a specific place they can call their own.

Create SafePlay Zones with Flooring



Your play matting can help create a safe area for children. It’s also a great way to add a splash of colour and create different playing zones. Our EVA dual colour reversible foam tiles come in red and blue and grey and black. It’s a perfect solution for kids soft play area as it features a non-slip and non-antibacterial surface. You don’t need to use any adhesive at all. The mats easily slot together and can either be loose or fixed, depending on your preference.



Combine Play and Education



In any environment, it’s a good idea to combine play and education. Find items that are exciting but provide a learning experience. Whether you’re creating a space for early years or older children, you can find the right pieces to entertain and teach. Use a combination of books, creative materials like sand and water, climbing blocks, toys, and even a writing desk to merge play and education. 

Make it Safe


Even in the safest of environments, children can fall over practically nothing. Make sure the play area is 100% safe and suitable depending on the age of the children. Younger children will need plenty of soft edges and more foam matting than an older child who will play in a particular area. The age of the child or children who will be using the play area will majorly influence many of your decisions. 

Use Plenty of Colour


Sometimes playrooms can be a multifunctional space. There may be some crossover between education, hobbies and play. For some, the play area is part of the living room, and colourful foam mats emphasise that specific zone. Whatever your situation, make sure to use plenty of colour in your children’s play space. 


If you’re looking for a playroom that will grow with your child, why not try neutral walls and add colour with flooring, furniture, and inspiring art. On the other hand, if you’re after a bright and happy colour, why not try a warming yellow. Whether you want to add colour with your flooring or keep it neutral and add flecks of colour with other elements on the space is down to you. 

Final Thoughts

Creating rich and exciting play areas is important for learning and development. Building a space that is safe and inspiring is not always easy. Not everyone has a whole room to utilise as a playroom. Often, a play area might be on the edge of the living room or dining area. By using play mats , you can create safe zones and choosing the right colours and items, you can make a play space that’s ideal for kids of all ages. 

March 10, 2022 — Katie McKay
Clever Tips to Get Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for Spring

Clever Tips to Get Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for Spring

When it comes to sprucing up your outdoor living space, you can work on upgrading a few different elements to create a great outdoor area, just in time for Spring.

With the weather heating up, usable outdoor space is truly valuable. So, it’s important to make the most out of it. Keep reading to find out the best ways to upgrade your outdoor living area and create a multipurpose and welcoming space that you can enjoy all year round.

In this article: 

  • Creating a Multipurpose Outdoor Living Area 
  • 7 Tips to Get Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for Spring

Creating a Multipurpose Outdoor Living Area 

With the right features, you can create a multipurpose outdoor living area. Often, with outdoor spaces and gardens, they need to serve a few different purposes. Maybe the family will play outdoors in the morning, and then in the evening, you want to have drinks and dinner with friends. Being able to create a multifunctional but inviting and stylish space is essential. 

Depending on the space you have available and your budget, there are various ways you can upgrade your outdoor area. From a complete revamp and designing a new BBQ area to giving the grass some TLC and adding some plants, you can do a lot with outdoor space no matter your budget. 

7 Tips for Getting Your Outdoor Space Ready for Spring

When sunny summer days arrive, you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot to transform your garden or patio into an excellent space for play and entertaining. With a few minor tweaks, you can upgrade your outdoor living space and give your home’s exterior a brand new look. 

Here are seven ways to upgrade your outdoor living area: 

Add Flowers and Plants

One of the simplest and most effective ways to take your garden up a level is by adding flowers and plants. You can transform a dull area into a green oasis with a few plants. Match your plants and flowers to your sun conditions and add foliage that can flourish in your garden. Overflowing containers and pots filled with herbs can add a great smell and brighten up the place.  If ypu are not green-fingered, think low maintenance plants that still look beautiful.

Install Outdoor Lighting 

You can install outdoor lighting or add ambient solar lighting to create a calm and warm space. Put some candles on a table and install low maintenance solar lighting around the garden. As the light changes into the evening, the lights will come on automatically and add plenty of warmth. 

Try Out Alternative Seating

If you’re tired of your outdoor seating or looking for something a little different, try a hammock or hanging chair in the garden. With hammocks, you can either tie them to trees or buy hammocks with a stand and place them anywhere. Adding comfortable spots to relax and read a book can transform your outdoor living area.  

Add Interlocking Outdoor Tiles 


Another way to step up your outdoor area is by investing in outdoor tiles. If you’re looking to create a space that’s child-friendly for playtime but also doubles as a spot to entertain in the evening, outdoor rubber tiles are a great  modern choice. Outdoor tiles are designed to withstand all weather conditions with non-slip and shock-absorption properties. These are ideal for children’s play spaces, back garden use, patios and even outdoor gyms. If you have an unused or tired lawn space, why not create a functional, seating section, courtyard or exercise space instead.


Use a Cosy Fire Pit

To extend the evening and keep your outdoor living space warm even in colder weather, add a cosy fire pit. Fire pits are fantastic centrepieces and can keep you warm on chillier evenings. Add blankets to chairs so that you can sit outside all cosied up with the family. 

Coordinate Colours and Textiles


Think about the colours and textiles you use. Add a splash of colour to make the space stand out and look great. You can go with a subtle colour palette or go bold and vibrant; it’s entirely down to you. Use accessories to add different textures and colours to make your garden or patio pop.  

Tidy Up and Remove Clutter 


Tidying up and removing clutter costs nothing. It’s a free way to spruce up your outdoor space. Cut the grass, put away any left out toys, trim back overgrown trees, and remove clutter. Sometimes just organising your space and cutting the grass can make such a huge difference. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to add a few potted plants, install new outdoor rubber flooring, or add a new cosy fire pit, there are so many ways you can brighten up your outdoor living area. With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to work on your garden or patio area and get ready for warm summer days with friends and family.  

March 10, 2022 — Katie McKay