5 of The Worlds Coolest Gyms

Gym goers and workout enthusiasts know the importance of a great gym environment. The feeling of the gym you work out in is often directly correlated to the success of your workout. Having a great space to work out can help you crush your workout and get in the right mindset. From wellness-based spa retreats to outdoor fitness centres, gyms throughout the world are finding creative ways to make their space intriguing and unique.

Look to these awesome gyms throughout the world for workout inspiration: 


Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Located in Morrison, Colorado, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre serves multiple purposes.  Not only is this space a common spot for open-air concerts, but it also serves as a large outdoor workout space. This theater features rows and rows of seating, giving the perfect opportunity for stair climbs. Working out outdoors offers a fun way to enjoy the Colorado weather too! The Red Rocks Amphitheatre offers an eight-week intense challenge program, held within the stadium. Or, you can use this (when concerts are not in session) for an individual workout. 


Eco Power Fitness


Based in Portland, Oregon, Eco Power Fitness takes eco-friendly workouts seriously! All of these gym machines are converted into power generators. When you work out, you can feel great about doing something for your body and your community. The entire building is powered by the power generated by its machines. This type of functional workout setup is both unique and helpful. If you’re considering opening a gym, these eco-power fitness machines could be for you.


Atomic Spa


If you’re ever in Italy, check out the amazing Atomic Spa. This is one of the world’s coolest gyms, offering everything you need to get a great workout and a post-workout relaxation routine going. This all-inclusive gym experience includes a swimming pool with waterfalls, a floatation tank, and wellness treatments to pamper yourself. You could literally spend all day at this wellness-focused gym facility.


Rock Climbing Gym

Rock climbing offers a unique workout experience, which can be done either indoors or outdoors. At the Rock Climbing Gym in Polur, Iran, guests can climb a stunning 360-degree rock climbing wall. Climbers can climb the geometric panels both on the exterior and interior, simulating a real mountain climb. This fun new way to exercise helps encourage strength training and cardiovascular exercise.




Located in Sun Valley, Idaho, this modern health club and spa set the right tone for an amazing workout. It’s huge! With over 50,000 feet of space, there’s nothing you can’t find at this super cool gym. From indoor and outdoor pools to cardio and weight training, Zenergy is a total wellness centre that has it all.  In addition, they have a luxury spa and nail/hair studio to help promote other forms of self-care. The bright interior of Zenergy helps attract gym-goers who want an inspiring and motivating health club and spa.


Create your Perfect Gym Space

Want to create a super cool gym space? While creating a space as intricate as some of these gyms around the world may not be feasible, there’s much you can do to create your ideal workout space. Creating the ideal workout space starts with solid and durable gym flooring. If you’re looking to spruce up your gym, check out our many options for gym flooring. Whether you have a gym facility or a home basement or garage gym, we offer every type of durable gym flooring option.

September 08, 2022 — Katie McKay