5 Quick & Easy Floor Options for a Multi-Use Garage Space

Many homeowners use their Garage as a workshop space for working on DIY projects, storing tools and equipment or have specific hobby that requires space and storage.  When considering your Garage floor requirements you need to take into account the activities you use the space for and what are the main functions your garage floor needs to fulfil.

In this article we look at the key factors to think about before deciding on the most suitable floor solution for your Garage space.  We also look at the best Garage floor options widely used for DIY, working on cars, general garage improvement or multi functional such as a workshop and gym space.

Key Factors when Choosing a Garage Floor

There are a few important aspects to consider when sourcing a suitable flooring product.  These are mainly to do with safety, suitability to the your specific needs, space, installation and budget.

Safety & Protection

Garages areas generally should have a non-slip surface with some protection in case of spillages, trips and dropping off heavy equipment.  Some large tools and equipment also need a flooring option that protects the subfloor from damage.  You need to also consider anti-fatigue flooring if you plan to stand for long periods.

Suitability & Budget

If you are using industrial style equipment that can be messy, storing tools and sharp objects or operating heavy machinery you want a floor option that has light shock absorbent, protective properties and is easy to clean.  Garage spaces are often not heated so you need to opt for a floor choice that is resistant to temperature changes and absorbs moisture easily.  Floor options vary in price in terms of thickness, quality, style and design so thinking about what is important to you and how much you want to invest in your flooring will help you to keep to a reasonable budget.

Space & Functionality

How much space do you have in your Garage?  If it is a large double-garage you may want to consider floor formats such as rolls or sheets as opposed to tiles which could be more economical.  Floor tiles also work well in large spaces so it is dependent on personal preference and cost.


Many utility floor options are easy to fit by yourself without the requirement of a specialist.  With rubber tiles or interlocking tiles there is no requirement for adhesive as the tiles butt together by compression or by design.  Choose a floor that you have the time to invest in fitting and with little tools needed.

5 Floor Options for Garage Workshop Spaces

There are many options to choose from for your Garage space, here we look at common floor solutions.

Standard Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles are used in Gym and Leisure spaces because of their fantastic non-slip and shock absorbent properties.  Our Sprung standard gym tiles start at 11mm right up to 50mm but for a Garage Workshop space a tile at 11mm or 15mm is adequate.  These are super simple to keep clean, are highly durable and easy to install.  Rubber tiles are a great option for Multi-use Garages.

Rubber Rolls

Like rubber tiles, rolls of rubber deliver the slip resistance and protection required from 4mm up to 10mm in thickness.  Roll formats cover larger areas well and have a nice uniformity when fitted. Depending on your Garage size, it may be more cost effective to fit rubber rolls as opposed to tiles. Sprung Fleckz rolls come in a selection of colour options.

Interlocking Puzzle Mats

Like a jigsaw piece, rubber Puzzle Mats slot seamlessly together and are available in various dimensions and thicknesses of 6mm and 8mm, the perfect protection for workshop activities.  They also come in different colour options to add a bit of texture and personality.  

Indoor/Outdoor Tiles

Designed for outdoor and indoor use, this rubber tile option is designed for safety in outdoor/indoor play, as a protective understructure for heavy equipment and is perfect for Garage spaces that are multi functional and require a bit of extra shock absorption for eg workout areas. Available in Green, Black or Red.

Rubber Utility Tiles 

Utility tiles from Marcias are made from a thinner rubber with a ultra non-slip surface top and come in a variety of textures and colour options such as stone effect and speckled design in thickness options from 2mm upwards.  They offer a light protective surface suitable for utility areas such as Garages, Basements and Laundry rooms.


There is a few things to consider when picking a suitable floor for your Garage space.  The main factors to take into account are the suitability of flooring to your main activities, the conditions of your location and how you plan to install the flooring.  Rubber is an ideal solution as it ticks all the boxes in terms of safety, durability and maintenance for the key uses of a Multi functional Garage.

December 16, 2021 — Katie McKay