Case Study in Durham - Sprung Smartfit for Dance Flooring

From our experience, the dance industry find it a challenge to source high quality, approved sprung floor solutions at decent costs.  Talented and experienced dancers across the UK are opening studios everyday but struggle to find reasonably priced products that will allow them to keep costs low so early in their business career.

We understand these constraints and invested in sourcing excellent products at competitive prices so that we could offer solutions that were affordable to all.  Our range of Point Elastic Vinyl and Area Elastic Wood floor options are available in various thickness, colours and finishes dependent on your activity and level of use.

In this article, we are focusing on Sprung Smartfit, our Bestseller for dance studios and a recent case study based in Durham. 

What is Sprung Smartfit?

Sprung Smartfit is our high performance A3 sprung sports and dance floor solution  Using a clever 5G click system, the engineered surface, HDF layer and shock-absorbing underlay slot seamlessly together saving on the cost of installation and fitting time. 

The system has optimal grip resistance due to the sports lacquered surface and comes with a 5 year warranty. 

With its smart design, quality sports parquet and flexible application, Smartfit is the perfect option for dance and sport professionals as well as community and education authorities.

Sprung Smartfit Specification

Sprung Smartfit is classed as an A3 Area Elastic sprung floor system.

Category: A3 EN 14904

Friction: 80-110

Shock Absorption: 51%

Vertical Deformation: 2mm

Ball Rebound: 99%

Resistance to rolling load - >1500N

Resistance to wear: <80mg

Where can I use Smartfit?

The Sprung wood flooring Smartfit system is hugely multi-functional.  It works well in Dance Studios as well as School Gym Halls as it has the full properties of a sprung floor with the appearance of an attractive, commercial surface suitable for public events and non-sports related activity.

  • School Gym and Sports Halls
  • Fitness and Dance Studios
  • Community and Sports Centres
  • Church Halls
  • Technical Data

Durham Case Study

One of our customers asked if we could recommend an approved installer to fit her purchased Smartfit Oak so we put her in touch with one of our trusted fitting partners.  They visited site and carried out a brief pre-installation survey to examine the condition of the subfloor and ensure the measurements were accurate. 

The material which was 90m2 was fitted over 2 days on the weekend of the 31st October.  

 This was a simple project with beautiful results.

At a relatively low cost our client achieved an A3 sprung floor solution in engineered wood by sourcing quality products with competitive pricing then using a recommended fitter keeping overall costs down.

November 03, 2020 — Richard McKay