Gym Flooring Ireland: Flooring Solutions to Your Door

Your flooring choice has a huge impact on your exercise experience and the look and feel of your gym.  Although it’s tempting to fill your gym with high-spec gym equipment and machines,  your flooring is just as important if not more so, than the rest of your workout equipment. 

Gym flooring is integral to your commercial or home gym.  It’s a good idea not to choose the cheapest option available.  This could end up costing you more in the future with damaged equipment and under flooring.  That’s without considering the potential slips and accidents that can take place without proper fitness flooring. 

Premium flooring is a must-have for any gym.   For your gym flooring needs, we provide a flooring solution for your fitness facility delivered straight to your door. 

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  • Why is Gym Flooring so Important?
  • 4 Ideas for Your Gym Flooring

Gym flooring takes a beating.  From members to heavy gym equipment, your flooring has a lot to deal with daily.  In order to support heavy machinery and repeated use, flooring needs to be strong and durable.  Your gym floor has a big role to play in the health and safety of your gym. Although a commercial gym will see more foot traffic than a home gym, the requirements for both remain very similar. 

Due to the movements and exercise performed at the gym, you need to check how your foundation will support this. Think about what an athlete needs. Your flooring should provide shock impact absorption for muscles and joints, as well as enough friction to stay safe. The body should still be able to move naturally so the flooring should offer the perfect balance of grip and movability.  Set the foundation for safe and high-performance exercise.

Gyms are naturally sweaty places. The flooring therefore needs to be easy to clean and maintain. You can see how an easy to clean surface has huge benefits considering the number of people and perspiration that the floor needs to take on. Your gym flooring not only provides a great first impression when you walk in the space but creates a safe and comfortable zone for exercise.  The correct flooring will reduce sound and noise while absorbing vibration allowing for a relaxed, balanced atmosphere for working out.

4 Ideas for Your Gym Flooring

When it comes to your gym flooring, you have a few different options.  The best choice for you depends on how you will use the space.  As a yoga studio, you have different needs to a HIIT gym or home gym. If you’re doing more floor work combined with some sprint and sled work, you want to create an area based on these needs.

Rubber Gym Rolls and Tiles

Rubber is one of the most popular options for gym flooring. It’s easy to clean and maintain, reduces noise, and provides a solid foundation for exercise. When it comes to rubber flooring, generally, you have two options: rolls or tiles. Rubber rolls tend to be better suited to larger areas while tiles can be a good option for a home gym or smaller space.

Sprint Track

A sprint or sled track adds a burst of colour to your fitness space while creating a more versatile facility. Sprint tracks are ideal for sprinting, sled work, and strength and conditioning training. Sprint tracks allow you to serve a wider clientele by adding another layer to workouts.

Sprung Wood Flooring

For sports, fitness, and dance, Sprung wood flooring is perfect. The high-performance flooring solution features a shock-absorbing layer for impact movements. With an innovative design, you can slot together the flooring for a seamless look. Gym Flooring’s Smart Fit Wood Flooring features a 5G click system that helps to save both time and money on installation.

Fleck Rolls and Tiles

If you’re looking to add flair to your gym, fleck rolls and tiles are a good option. This type of flooring uses high-grade rubber with a light fleck for something a little different. It really helps you play around with the design of your fitness space more so than standard black rubber gym flooring.

Whether you run a yoga studio, commercial gym, or maybe you’re creating a personal workout space, the flooring is a major decision. It could be the difference between an utterly unsuitable foundation and something that will set you and your members up to perform at their best. As with any purchase, do your research and choose premium materials that have been designed with fitness in mind.

October 07, 2020 — Richard McKay