Home Gym Styles & 5 Amazing Examples to Inspire You

Homebound fitness is a regular part of everyday life nowadays.  The global pandemic has resulted in dedicated fitness spaces popping up in spare rooms, garages, basements and outdoor garden buildings. With people reframing their relationship with fitness and mental wellbeing, the positive outcome is that home style fitness is here to stay.

Here we look at the most common ways of creating a work out area at home that blends well with most lifestyles and budgets, but most importantly is consistent and permanent.  To get the most out of investing in a home gym, you need to think long-term.  Is this space going to fulfil my fitness aspirations for the long-haul and will I enjoy using it?

If you are considering a home gym, we also explore some unique and inspiring home fitness designs to boost your motivation and help you identify what elements are important to you.

Where do I build my Home Gym?

The answer to this, is simply down to space.  You need to select an area of your home that has adequate space to accommodate your favourite equipment and allow you to safely work out without disruption.  The space should be comfortable in temperature, well lit and ideally insulated to avoid noise disturbance.

Spare Room

A spare room is a great location for a home gym.  All too often, unused rooms can accumulate storage and unwanted furniture so if you are commited to incorporating more fitness into your lifestyle, now is the time for that clear out.  You will be amazed at how much space a newly cleared room can provide.  If you haven't got alternative places for storage, then consider storage racks to allow more floor space.  To protect your ligaments and tendons from injury, also look at gym mats to absorb impact from repetitive movements and weights.


Garages are a popular solution to working out at home.  Like unused rooms of the house, they often gather storage, tools and let's be honest, household junk.  For maximum benefit, clear the garage space first before setting up your gym.  Use racks and mounted storage if necessary but the area should be free from obstacles and non-gym equipment.  As outdoor buildings can be draughty and noisy, Anti-Shock tiles are the ideal floor option for reducing sound and keeping the space insulated in cooler months.

Outdoor Garden Room

For many people, space indoors is limited.  This is where modular outbuildings come in.  Available in all shapes, sizes and materials, Garden rooms are the modern answer to additional living space.  Homeowners use these spaces as offices, hobby rooms, play areas and very commonly, gyms. Modular buildings such as these do not need to be expensive, there are more economic ways of creating a sheltered outdoor gym using less costly materials.  The most important aspect of an outdoor gym is that it provides suitable shelter for use in all weathers and protects your gym equipment.  A safe and durable outdoor surface is also key for protecting your external substrate from damage while supporting your body from fatigue.

Basement or Loft Gym

Above or below the house is another great place to set up a workout room.  Away from the rest of the household and utilising space which is typically stacked full of storage, a loft or basement area is the perfect gym location.  Again, suitable flooring, lighting and heating should be put in place before you build your design.  If you don't have windows, think about fans to allow enough air circulation and invest in good lighting.

5 Home Gym Designs to Inspire You

Let's look at some funky, playful and chic Home Gym's to get your creative juices flowing.


If bright colour is your thing then there is no limit to how you can use this to create and enhance your gym experience. In this gym design, they have chosen bold, vibrant colours on the walls to boost mood and motivation.  Colour can also be used on the floor by opting for dual colour tatami tiles or flecked gym mats in puzzle design.

Well Equipped

There is nothing like a well-equipped gym with all your favourite machines and workout accessories.  A good personal gym space should be varied and versatile, so it is important to incorporate choice and include quality pieces that are multi-functional.  There is no rule to say that all gym kit should be matching so mix it up, add colour or use a themed colour.


Everybodies idea of luxury is different, however if you want to create a sleek, modern home gym design then think shiny, metallic equipment, mirrored walls and polished paintwork. Add designer, interlocking gym flooring available in velvet black, stone grey or 5 fleck colour options for a commercial gym finish.

Urban & Industrial

With exposed brick and pipework and a boxing feature to this gym design, give the space a relaxed, industrial vibe.  This is simple to achieve in rooms such as garages and basements where there will already be exposed materials and unfinished elements in the space.  You can celebrate these parts by painting pipework, adding heavy duty, rubber flooring and leaving ceilings exposed.


This gym has incorporated natural elements and materials such as a living wall, oak flooring and ambient lighting.  Nature adds energy and vitality to a space, so add plantlife and greenery were you can.

Final Thoughts

By embracing the creation of a home gym that works in every way for you is key to long-term and consistent fitness at home.  If you think carefully about all the important factors prior to your design, such as location, space, comfort and budget, it will set the foundations for a home gym that can be adapted to meet your specific needs and personal style.  

March 23, 2022 — Katie McKay