Simple Guide to Gymnastic Mats

Are you a gymnast with high ambitions, or perhaps you are a professional trainer helping the next generation to achieve their successes? Either way, you need professional gymnastics equipment for your gym or home studio. So what should you stock up on for fitness gyms these days? 

Times have changed in every industry and walk of life; not surprisingly, gymnastics is no different. Instead of expensive studio equipment, gymnasts can benefit from inflatable mats and blocks that can be conveniently carried from one place to another, introducing more flexibility.  

Hook Roll for Carpet (Roll out Mat) 

The hook roll for carpet roll-out mat is perfect for take-down during martial arts, wrestling, and gymnastic moves. The last thing you want is for the mat to shift when people are using it; not only does it disrupt the flow of the activity, but it can be dangerous, causing several injuries. 

The solution is a hook for carpet roll-out mat that has velcro on the bottom to securely fasten the mat to a carpet preventing slips and injuries. This mat is 25 meters long and 100 mm in width. It is available in four colours; black, blue, grey, and red, and it comes at a cost of £45 per mat. 

Gymnastics Anti-microbial PVC Agility Mat

Gymnastics involves plenty of jumping, rolling, tumbling, and landing, so you need some quality agility mats to absorb the impacts and prevent injuries. That’s exactly what the PVC Agility mat is designed to do. It uses a latex anti-slip base to prevent it from shifting and anti-microbe tech. 

The PVC agility mat is made from high-density recycled chip foam, giving it a firm and reliable quality and making it environmentally responsible. The foal is covered in a flame-resistant PVC cover and is treated to prevent the growth of mould in moist conditions. It costs around £100. 

Tumble Track Inflatable Gymnastics Mat

If you are more of a roaming gymnastic than one with a reliable location and sports club every day or week, you might prefer the Tumble Track Inflatable Gymnastics mat with Pump. This product works just as well as a gym-style mat, but you can take it to parks and clubs easily. 

The mat comes with everything included in the pack, including the handy pump, simply take the mat to your preferred location and hook up the foot pump. In a few minutes, you have a gymnastics mat that is firm, safe, and dependable. It’s great for gymnastics, yoga, and more. 

Rectangular Junior Gymnastics Tumbling Play Mat

If there’s one thing children love to do, it’s roll around on the ground and play, but before long, this turns into a sport, gymnastics. If you want to encourage children into gymnastics, give them a junior gymnastics tumbling play mat to enjoy. These mats are safe, clean, and long-lasting. 

The rectangular junior play mat is 1.2m x 0.6m x 40mm in size and comes in four different coloured sections; these are a choice of black, green, red, yellow, blue, and grey. Whether you want to encourage kids into gymnastics or give them a safe place to play, these mats are great. 

Air Track Inflatable Gymnastic Roll with Pump

Sometimes you need a gymnastics roll mat on the go, we all live busy lives, but we can’t let that get in the way of health and fitness or a passion pursuit. With an inflatable roll mat, you can leave your office and head to the local fitness studio by bicycle and roll out a personal mat. 

The inflatable gymnastic roll mat is not only perfect for gymnastics, but it’s also excellent for yoga and other sports. Use the pump to inflate the roll mat quickly and take part in your sport or fitness regime with comfort and confidence. The mat is available in two colours, pink and white. 

PU Foam Junior Gymnastics Play Matting - Square

Encourage children in gymnastics and fitness with a high-quality play mat that is clean and reliable. Let’s face it children are going to roll around, play fight, tumble, and land, so why not make the place space more comfortable and hygienic with a junior gymnastics play mat? 

These mats are made from PU foam which is both soft and sturdy; there are tough velcro fasteners between the mats to secure them together even during rough play with a covering that is fire-proof and water-resistant. Mats are suitable for a range of activities and are cost-effective.

Air Track Inflatable Gymnastics Mat with Pump

Inflatable gymnastic mats are trending right now, and for good reasons, they give you unparalleled flexibility for busy and unpredictable lifestyles coupled with high-quality precision design. The air track Inflatable gymnastics may with pump is the perfect progressive example. 

This mat is sizable; it comes in at 300 x 100 cm with thickness options in the 10,15, and 20cm range making it ideal for gymnastics, yoga, wrestling, and more. Of course, this mat can be carried on your shoulder to a fitness studio and inflated inside, offering flexibility and freedom. 

Inclined Gymnastics PU Foam Wedge

If you have a home gym or your own fitness studio, make sure you invest in inclined gymnastics PU foam wedges for developing a range of key gymnastics styles and flexibilities. Foam wedges help users develop standing tucks and split-second extra rotation to help build fitness attributes. 

These foam wedges are available in two sizes for different age ranges and different moves. The high-density foam is shock absorbent and firm; it is also wrapped in a special flame retardant PVC cover for protection. Practice forward and backward rolls, handstands and much more. 

Foam Gymnastics Mailbox Trainer

Everybody starts small. Of course, enthusiastic young gymnasts are going to want to compete with the top performers, but they need to take small steps to get there; that’s where the foam gymnastics mailbox trainer comes in. This is a miniaturized version of the full-sized apparatus. 

The mailbox training is called this due to its mailbox shape that allows practitioners to jump, dive, and roll, developing the key techniques needed to move onto a higher level. The gymnastic mailbox mats are available in four sizes and are made from the same high-quality PU materials. 

Air Track Inflatable Gymnastics Mat with Pump

Are you in the market for a cost-effective alternative to a traditional gymnastics mat? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. The air track inflatable gymnastics mat with pump offers the same dimensions and functionality as a traditional mat without the need for space in storage. 

Whether you want to bring the mat along to a fitness studio or save space in a current location, this gymnastics mat is an excellent option. The mat is available in three colours and has 200 x 200 dimensions, but that is misleading because the air mat easily deflates for easy bag storage.  

Heavy Duty Gymnastic & MMA PU foam Crash/Safety Mat



Not all gymnastic mats need to be lightweight and portable; some people prefer a traditional mat that sits permanently in the studio, especially when the studio has a particular focus on gymnastics. Crash safety mats are more expensive, but they have some advantages as well. 

A crash safety mat is generally thicker than an alternative option; not only that, they often have a softer landing and offer more fluidity of movement; the downside is the cost - around twice the price - and the portability factor. Still, permanent mats are the only choice for some locations. 

High-Density PU Foam Octagonal Gymnastics Block

Octagonal blocks are the perfect way to train for back flips and build flexibility in the back. Octagonal blocks are available in a range of sizes, and most gymnastics studios will have these items. High-density PU foam is used to provide the best resistance and strength for the practice. 

These high-density PU foam octagonal blocks are available in four sizes and four colours. They are not inflatable, so you will need somewhere to store them; however, it’s worth having these blocks for skill training, especially for handsprings, walkovers, tick-tocks, and other moves.

Foam Gymnastics Springboard

No gymnastics is complete without the ability to leap and jump, and no gymnastics studio is complete with the means to assist this process. That’s exactly what the foam springboard is for; it’s used in studios to assist gymnasts to leap onto horses, front-flip, cartwheels, and more. 

These foam gymnastic springboards are available in two sizes to help younger gymnastics develop the key skills needed for jumping; the larger sizes are also useful for more advanced users. Help users develop coordination and balance with these heavy-duty PVC-covered items.

PU Foam Gymnastic Top Tumble

Backflips. They look mighty impressive when you see them performed by a professional gymnast, but how do you get to that stage without encountering an injury or losing your confidence in the process? The answer is by taking small steps and using equipment.  

There’s no way you are going to perform a backflip right away, don’t even try it to begin with. Instead, work with a qualified professional who uses a PU foam gymnastic top tumble, or invest in one yourself. These devices are perfect for training us in front and back-springs and more. 

Foam Gymnastics Spotting Block

Spotting blocks are an indispensable feature of any gymnastics studio. They don’t have one particular function; instead, they have many that allow users to improve their skill and performance by moving the blocks around and creating safer or more challenging activities. 

A foam gymnastics spotting block is a professionally made item designed with performance and safety in mind. They are available in two sizes, small and large, and they have a PVC cover that improves the grip of the block and is completely flame resistant. Invest in a few of these today. 

Parkour Gymnastic Landing Mat

There are a few things a gym studio can do without, but a landing mat is not one of them. Without a proper landing mat, gymnasts can’t perform many of their moves without risking serious injury. It's important to invest in a quality landing mat when building a studio. 

These landing mats are professionally made and designed for professional gymnasts. The dimensions of the mat are 2.44mx 1.37m x 200mm making them thick enough to handle long falls, spins, and flips. The mats are wipeable for hygiene and have convenient carry handles. 

Gymnastics Folding Crash Safety Mat

For serious gymnasts or wrestlers not yet at the professional level, you can choose a folding crash mat which is somewhat thinner than a landing mat but offers the advantage of easy storage. The gymnastics folding crash mat is made in two halves that can be separated.

These crash mats are designed for the same high standard as conventional crash mats by providing more convenience. They are available in six bright colours and are made with durable anti-slip coverings. The mats are also made using flame-retardant PVC covers for safety. 

Gymnastic PU Foam Roller Blocks

Gymnastic foam rollers are another requirement of any serious gymnastics studio. As with octagonal rollers, spotting blocks, and tumblers, foam rollers allow athletes to develop many different moves and combinations. These blocks can be expensive, but they are professional. 

If you want to train people for flips - front and back - or build core strength for all other gymnastic activities, you need to train them regularly on PU foam roller blocks. For this reason, it’s worth investing properly in this key equipment. These blocks are used by gymnasts at every level. 

PU Foam Steps

Foam steps might not be the first thing you need in your gymnastics studio, that’s unless you are a trampoline studio or trampoline expert. Foam steps can be used for many purposes, but one of the most common is to perform acrobatics on a trampoline from an aerial starting point. 

PU foam steps are made with reinforced foam to make them sturdy and reliable to walk on; this also makes them longer lasting and better value. These steps are available in a range of colours and feature handy straps that allow for lifting and transport, so you have maximum flexibility. 

Parkour Gymnastic Wedge Block

When it comes to quality gymnastic equipment, it’s hard to see past Parkour. Although other brands offer high-quality items and cost-effective prices, Parkour is a level up in terms of professionalism and performance. Keep this in mind when stocking your gym or studio. 

The gymnastic wedge block is a functional and versatile block for a range of gymnastic moves, including jumping, kicks, wall-spins, and freestyle gymnastics. These blocks are intelligently designed to assist performance without sacrificing storage space in the gymnastics studio. 

PU Foam Gymnastics Vaulting Box with Triple Top

Every gymnast needs something to vault over; therefore, every serious gym needs a PU Foam vaulting box with a triple top. This piece of equipment might not look like much with its primary colours and odd shape, but it performs an important function in gymnastics, that of vaulting. 

This vaulting box comes in six segments that can be used individually or put together for a complete vaulting unit. When separated, the segments can be used in conjunction with blocks and boxes for support. The blocks are made from durable supporting foam and PVC covers. 

Foam Parallel Gymnastics Bars - PU Foam Topper

Parallel bars are one of the key areas of training in gymnastics; athletes need to learn the techniques of using the bars and build upper body strength at the same time. Of course, beginners and intermediates don’t use the bars at first; instead, they use foam toppers. 

Foam toppers for parallel gymnastics training are small, durable foam blocks that set the desired distance apart. They are tall enough to allow the user to feel elevated and build upper body strength without the risks associated with real bars. Blocks are for confidence and skills training.  

Airtrack P2

The Airtrack is a professional gymnastics mat that is convenient to set up and transport. These mats are used for pretty much every gymnastic event you can think of because they provide a suitable platform to leap from and land on. They are ideal for individual and group activities. 

Once inflated, the air track has a height of 20 cm, enough to provide a reliable and trustworthy cushion to multiple gymnasts landing on it throughout sessions. This item can be inflated and deflated in under five minutes and stored or transported conveniently to locations anywhere.  

Final Thoughts 

Whether you own a gym or you are a privately operating gymnast with a home set up, you are probably interested in gymnastic mats and gymnastic equipment. The reality is that gymnasts of all levels need this equipment to develop and maintain key skills and strengths for the sport. 

In this article, you have a comprehensive overview of the gymnastic equipment needed to train beginners into seasoned professionals, but that is not the end of the story. Investing in gymnastic equipment is a long-term strategy to build your future success as an athlete. 

September 09, 2022 — Michael Geraghty