The Most Effective 3G Turf Solutions for Educational Sport

Many UK Schools have embraced Outdoor Learning and Sport as a core part of the school curriculum.  Newly built schools now have fully integrated Sports facilities that support the community with an infrastructure that includes playing fields, indoor fitness suites and swimming facilities.  

Similarly, a large number of educational establishments are leaning towards versatile, low-maintenance materials that are eco-friendly and able to withstand outdoor conditions. Sustainable, yet durable surfaces such as 3G Sports Turf and other synthetic materials are increasingly popular.

In this article we look at:-

  • 3G Sports Turf - What is it?
  • The Benefits of 3G Sports Turf
  • The Most Effective 3G Turf Solutions for School Sport

3G Sports Turf - What is it?


3G Sports turf is a high grade synthetic grass made from sand, rubber and quality artificial grass fibres.  It typically ranges in height between 12mm and 60mm and comes in various styles and sizes to suit a wide range of sports.  Due to it's resilience and good ball bounce, it is commonly used in field and team sports such as football, rugby and hockey. 

Sports turf also comes in track format for sprinting, sled pulling or fitness activities.

Other varieties are available as play turf and lawn turf for gardens, play areas and recreation grounds.



The Benefits of 3G Sports Turf

There are numerous benefits for using 3G turf solutions in schools and other educational facilities.

Let's look at this in more detail:-



The flexibility for 3G Sports Turf is huge.  It caters for Football, Rugby, Netball, Tennis and Badminton, Hockey as well as athletic activities, games, leisure and play.  Some products come with painted in markings although turf can be easily painted to add the sports relevant to your school programme.

Maximises Use all Year Round


Weather can affect the regularity of team games if snow and severe rain flood natural grass playing fields.  3G turf allows users to enjoy the facilities in every season despite the weather.  Most importantly, 3G turf has a weather resistant backing with self-draining features meaning the exterior conditions will not cause damage from moisture, rot or mould.

Low Maintenance


A huge draw for users is the fact that 3G turf performs well with virtually zero maintenance.  There is no cutting, watering and preparing on a regular basis to keep the playing surface looking verdant and suitable for use.  This reduces the overall cost of investing in a 3G surface.



Purchasing a 3G court is an investment.  It has an initial costs which for some ranges can be fairly expensive.  However, you receive the return of the investment through a maintenance-free upkeep.  Maintaining a natural grass playing field is costly and if it is not well looked after will rapidly go to seed.  In the long-term, a 3G Sports Turf is more cost-effective.  Excellent 3G pitches can also generate additional financial benefits.  Many facilities rent out their courts for specialist bookings.

High Performance


3G is specially designed with strong but resilient fibres to allow for excellent ball bounce, traction and free movement for players.  The non-abrasive material adds comfort and the protective under-layer supports users ligaments and joints from slips and falls. 

High Aesthetic


A well maintained natural landscape is a thing of beauty.  With high quality synthetic turf this can be achieved without the regular upkeep needed for real grass.  Playing fields need to be specially prepared prior to games and maintained constantly to keep them looking fantastic whereas a 3G turf court will look great all year round. With bold and playful colour options, there is also the option to be creative and add bold colour combinations with sprint tracks or incorporate a team logo into the design.

The Most Effective 3G Solutions for School Sport



Suitable for Football, Rugby, Hockey and Netball this multi-functional court prioritises in player comfort and protection with fantastic shock absorption qualities and non-abrasive fibres.  Clubcourt comes in a 13mm pile height and has the deep green, natural appeal of an authentic grass playing field.



This extremely durable multi sports turf is particularly popular for Tennis and Badminton because of its incredible resilience and vivid green coloured fibres.  Crosscourt has added biomechanical properties meaning it is super shock absorbent and its non-abrasive surface gives high player comfort as well as performance.

Multiplay 2220


A category 2 system, the Multiplay 2220 turf is ideal for a number of ball sports and comes in a number of different colours with options for built in court markings.   With an ultra sturdy latex base that has self-drainage holes and is resistant to outdoor damage, this highly versatile court is perfect for school team sports in all seasons.


School sports and outdoor fitness has never been more important. This demands for durable, long-lasting surfaces and external spaces to support the growing needs of the school and the community.  3G Sports Turf is one of the most popular outdoor surface solutions because of it's many benefits compared to natural grass.  With it's high return in investment and low maintenance, sports turf is an obvious choice for educational sport.

April 19, 2022 — Katie McKay