100 kg Set of Brand New Olympic Sprung ® Rubber Bumper Plates In Stock

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Sprung ® is our range of optimal gym equipment developed from the success of our SuperSprung fitness flooring products.  The range is simple, functional and can be summed in one word, RESULT

ROBUST  - 100% rubber compound for maximum impact 
EFFECTIVE - maximises workouts and offers variable resistance for all users
SAFE - simple and quick plate loading
UNLIMITED - repeat dropping platform to olympic lifting standard
LONG-LASTING - Heavy duty, superior rubber withstands the test of time
TAILORED - suits both home and professional gyms and training programmes

Technical Details
100% Rubber
Plates - 45cm diameter
Centre Hole - 50mm diameter
Colour: Black
Weight Tolerance: + - 0.3% of claimed weight

Guarantee is 2 years

2 x 5kg
2 x 10kg
2 x 15kg
2 x  20kg