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BOEN- Beech Reversible Skirting

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Best Seller collections

Choose skirtings in the same colour as your wood flooring and create a beautiful frame that enhances the whole room.

It is all about details

Create harmony with the same skirtings as your wood flooring. This gives the impression of an extended floor. Bring forth a balance; it is the details that create the entirety, and a home. BOEN offers skirtings made from parquet floorboards which ensures that they are exactly the same colour as the flooring. New veneered skirtings are now available in all BOEN flooring colours.

The room looks bigger

White skirtings attached to the wall will frame the floor by creating a look of distance. In contrast, using skirtings that match the floor  will give the appearance of a bigger room by extending up the floor on to the wall.

Choose now the skirtings that fit your BOEN wood flooring and the style of your house

Dimension -  40x50x2500mm

1 box contains 24 Skirtings