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The Echelon EX-3 bike strikes a unique balance between aesthetic appeal and space efficiency with it’s sleek, modern design and small footprint. Adjustable features let you adapt the EX-3 to your body while technology and a strong frame equips you with the ability to crush your workouts and pedal hard toward your goals. Comfort features like fully padded handlebars help you transition between high-and low-resistance postures with ease, while technical elements such as the 32-level magnetic flywheel offers a range of resistance necessary for the bike to keep challenging you as you trek down your fitness journey.

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Key Features

- Padded handlebars, transition between high and low resistance postures easily

- The competition style seat with a 6” lever-style adjustment

- 32-level magnetic flywheel 

- Bluetooth connectivity

- Live and on-demand classes for all fitness and activity levels



  • Weight Limit: 136 Kg / 300 lbs

  • Handlebar Height: 9 levels, 15 MM per level

  • Built with powder coated Steel

  • Seat Height: 17 levels, 15 MM per level

  • Forward/Backward: 7 levels, 13.3 MM per level

  • Tension: 1-32 levels

  • Net Weight: 47.6 Kg

  • Gross Weight: 57.00 Kg

  • Flywheel Weight: 13 Kg

  • Box die lines: 1070 x 285 x 895mm

  • Pedal size: 9/16”