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Ergo Sports Seat -Various Colours

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Best Seller collections

Designed according to FIFA/UEFA guidelines, the Ergo Seat is the best solution on the market.  This product has an innovative and ergonomic design.  It adapts to the needs of sports fans and clubs due to its comfortable and anti-vandalism properties.

Colours available from stock:  

1018 Zinc Yellow;

2004 Pure Orange;

3020 Red Traffic;

5005 Signal Blue;

5012 Light Blue; and

6032 Signal Green

*All other colours are made to order (min order 800m2)*  


Safety:  The major innovation in the world of sports seats is ERGO's 5 anchor points.  It is almost impossible to remove it from the stands.  This is a valuable anti-vandalism feature and is a great economic advantage to all sports infrastructures.

Resistant: With fire retardant additives and reinforced anti-vandalism attachments, ERGO can be the toughest seat in the sports market.

Durability: Thanks for the specific opening for water drainage, this seat allows a longer durability than the others.

Versatility: Space suitable for the placement of numbers or advertisements.  This is the bench seat indicated for indoor and outdoor sports.

Stability:  Polypropylene seat with UV stabiliser. 



Physical properties

Fluidity Index: (230o; 2.16kg); ISO1133 - 3.5g/10min

Density: ISO1183 - 0.905 g/cm2

Mechanical properties

Elasticity Module:  ISO178 - 1200 MPs

Izod Impact Test (with detail 23oC): ISO178, 60kJ/m2

Thermic Properties

Vicat temperature: ISO 306/A - 14o