Outdoor Container Gym 20 ft

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Element Fitness containers are custom-made standard freight containers that have been specially manufactured for the integration of Element Fitness Functional training equipment, their storage and for the establishment of a multifunctional training centre at any location.

We create the training area individually according to the requirements and special features of the training - not only externally, but also internally, depending on the functional equipment.

The containers make versatile functional training areas, create additional opportunities for outdoor training for professional use and offer fully usable solutions with which you can carry out training anywhere. Our containers are used in EU and NATO military units in Europe and in the Baltic countries.

The Element Fitness rig system is fully integrated with all of our attachments in the container.

EUIPO reg.No 007973292-0001

Key Features

  • Enhances training quality by adding flexibility and dedicated space to specific activities
  • Portable - train at any location
  • Multi-functional
  • Maximum safety and durability with zero maintenance
  • Simple Assembly and user-friendly
  • Can be customised

Product Description

Element Fitness training containers are standard shipping containers custom-fabricated to integrate Element Fitness functional training rigs and store the equipment necessary to create a multi-modality training centre anywhere.

Containers come in 2 standard sizes - 10ft and 20ft and every project is unique - we tailor them according to training needs and specifics - not only externally, but also internally, depending on the functional inventory you might need.


  • Home
  • Fitness Centres, Gyms and Sports Facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Community Centres
  • Military Training 

Price on Request based on add-ons below:

20-04898 Pillar Convertible 2.8 Kompl 8
20-04907 Pillar Convertible 2.4 Kompl 2
20-05621 Pillar extension 1056 Kompl 4
10-00280 Tube 80 x 80 x 3 2400mm 2
20-00095 Horizontal Beam 1056mm 4
20-01719 Horizontal Beam + Links 1776mm 2
20-00508 Horizontal Beam 1776mm 2
20-00510 Basic Pull-up bar 1776mm 18
20-00129 Single Pull-Up Bar 1056 x 33.7mm 12
20-03960 Support 1056x1400m 4
20-01524 Wide Flying Pull-up Bar 1.76m 2
20-02494 Spheres 9
20-04076 Set of Shelves (container) 1
20-03025 J Cups Set 2
20-05531 Rings + Belts (SET) 1
20-04569 Sammon Ladder stik 1.3 1
20--4078 Support 1056 2
10-03327 Plate EL 1
00-04621A Climbing Net 1.75 x 3.5m 1