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Portable Badminton Court - Zipper or Velcro

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Best Seller collections

With a simple design and assembly our portable Badminton Courts are made of premium PVC vinyl and can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Available with a zipper or velcro.

*Please note this is not a stock item and lead time for delivery is approx 10 working days*


  • Made with top grade resin-modified material and environmentally friendly plasticiser
  • Fast and portable installation
  • Anti-Slip and All-Weather Resistant
  • Excellent performance with maximum shock absorption and impact bearing properties

Court size: 16m x 7.2m x 5.0mm (4 rolls/court)

Weight: 512kg

Colour: Green


Width: 1.5m

Length: 16m

Thickness: 5.0mm

Warranty: 3 Years