Rubbered Uni Tiles - 2457

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Sold per tile (0.372m2)

Rubbered Uni, a long-standing design favorite for its simplicity and versatility, long-lasting performance and design flexibility.

Perfect as a stand-alone solution for both open spaces and smaller rooms, Rubbered Uni tiles are also available in a wide range of colours that can be combined to create custom patterns and designs ideal for your unique environment.

With the endless variations every creative vision is within reach.


  • Perfect for heavily used areas with high volumes of traffic
  • High footfall sound absorption (6-8 dB)
  • R9-slip resistance (reflection-breaking surface: R10-slip resistance)
  • Free of PVC, phthalate plasticizers and halogens
  • Increased safety
  • Seamless installation
  • No overcoat required
  • Custom design available


Technical Information

Format -Tile

Thickness - 2.0mm

Dimension - 610 mm x 610 mm

15 tiles = 5.58 m² in one carton

Sold per tile (0.372m2)