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Speed & Agility Turf

Speed & Agility Turf is designed for fitness and agility training exercises.  Every piece is uniquely engineered in a way to increase performance and speed of the athlete.  The turf is built from blended polyethylene and nylon and backed with 5mm foam. This provides a less abrasive surface, resulting in less friction.  The distinctive blended turf allows gym training equipment to move smoothly across the surface.  It is extremely durable and absorbs impact from weights and athletes landing.  It creates an outdoor training vibe, with a real grass like texture.  



Speed & Agility Turf is available in three configurations:


  • 6-foot wide rolls engineered with a 5mm base layer (3mm +5mm)

  • 6-foot wide rolls engineered with a 12mm base layer (3mm+12mm)

  • 23-inch by 46-inch interlocking tiles engineered with 12mm baselayer (3mm +12mm). Interlocking tiles are available withcoordinating interlocking transition system.