Enhancing Home Gyms: A Customer Case Study in Creating the Ideal Workout Space

In the pursuit of achieving fitness goals at home, creating an optimal workout environment is crucial. One of our esteemed customers embarked on a mission to transform their garage into a multifunctional space that could accommodate rigorous exercise routines without compromising the flooring. Let's delve into this customer's journey and the solutions that made their dream workout space a reality.

Customer's Objective

The customer's primary goal was to convert their garage into a safe and versatile workout area. They needed a flooring solution that could withstand the impact of heavy weights without causing damage to the sub-floor. Additionally, the space had to cater to various workout needs, including gym equipment storage and specialized training like functional and surf training.


The Solution: 20mm Sprung HD Rubber Tiles

After careful consideration, the customer opted for 20mm Sprung HD rubber tiles, known for their durability and ability to endure weights up to 140kg. The customer purchased 25m2 of these tiles along with ramp sections, intending to cover their entire double-garage space. They chose the loose lay installation method, finding it surprisingly easy to fit the tiles snugly, even around challenging areas like pillars and multiple stepped parts near the door. Notably, the customer appreciated that after three months of use, the tiles remained securely in place without the need for adhesives.

Results and Benefits

Following the installation of the Sprung HD rubber tiles, the customer noticed a significant improvement in their workout experience. The high-quality tiles not only mitigated sound when dropping weights but also provided a denser and more comfortable surface for exercises. Moreover, maintaining the garage became simpler, eliminating dusty corners and creating an aesthetically pleasing workout space.

The customer's satisfaction was evident as they expressed how the revamped space positively influenced their mindset during training. The tiles' appearance and quality contributed to a motivational atmosphere conducive to achieving fitness goals at home.

Customer Comments

"Feels and looks great, which helps you get into the right mindset when training at home."



This customer case study exemplifies how choosing the right flooring solution can elevate the functionality and aesthetics of a workout space at home. The use of 20mm Sprung HD rubber tiles not only met but exceeded the customer's expectations, enabling them to pursue their fitness journey with ease and confidence.

Are you looking to transform your workout area at home? Consider the success story of this customer and explore flooring solutions that align with your fitness requirements and space constraints. Create an inspiring environment that fuels your fitness aspirations while ensuring durability and safety for your home gym.

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