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Horse & Stable Matting - Why Rubber is the Best Solution

Horse & Stable Matting - Why Rubber is the Best Solution

Katie McKay |

Horse owners know that stable management is essential to the health and well-being of their horse. One aspect of stable management that doesn't receive much attention is stall flooring

Horse stalls are notorious for accumulating large amounts of dirt, sand, hay, manure and other debris on the ground below them. 


Rubber mats provide a durable and cost-effective solution to these problems by creating an environment where horses can roam freely without fear of injury or infection from bacteria or fungus found in wet or dirty bedding materials.

In this article we discuss how effective rubber as a material is for horse stalls, stables and other equestrian areas, the main benefits of rubber horse stall mats and lastly, our 2 favourite mat solutions to consider.

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Main Benefits of Rubber Stall Matting

There are several types of rubber mats that you can use to create a safe and healthy stall for your horse. Let's look at the main benefits of rubber flooring as a horse stall or stable solution.

Non-Slip & Protective

Heavy Duty & Durable

Heavy Duty & Durable

Highly durable, rubber won't tear or move no matter how rough your horse is with them.  Mats are most often fitted together using compression which allows the tiles to butt closely together without moving around. Unlike other materials, rubber will not rot or mold and help to regulate the temperature in the stall, keeping your horse comfortable all year round.


Easy to Clean & Hygienic

Additionally, rubber mats are easy to clean and disinfect; all you need is a hose or a pressure washer. They also have built-in drainage channels that allow water to pass through them quickly, which means you won't have to worry about your horse slipping on a wet floor.  Rubber is moisture resistant and will not retain water or other liquids which can cause moisture damage to the subfloor and accumulation of bacteria.



Simple to Install


Most rubber mats are fitted using compression without the need for adhesive or a specialist fitter (please find more on the compression method under Tutorials).  Many people fit the mats themselves following a simple guide.  The heavy rubber tiles are butted against each other, slightly overlapping then knocked into position.  Likewise, some mat products are interlocking using hidden inserts to fit the tiles together allowing easy installation and added stability.


Cost Effective

Rubber mats are a good investment for your horse's health and well-being, as well as the overall appearance and functionality of your stable where matting can be fitted in all areas such as storage and tack rooms.  Unlike other horse stall floor coverings, rubber mats will not need to be replaced routinely making them more economic.  There is no specialist fitting or cleaning needed which is also a big money saver.

Other Horse Stall Floor Solutions

Other cost-effective flooring options for horse stalls and stables include concrete, sand, soil, wood, straw and pine shavings. Although these have the benefits of insulation and comfort for your horse, they can be unsanitary, difficult to keep clean and require constant upkeep.  Similarly, some coverings such as straw, soil and sand can irritate horses and cause respiratory problems as well as becoming slippery and unsafe when the surface is wet.  For this reason, many horse owners choose to use rubber mats in their stalls

Our Recommendations

Let's look at our 2 bestselling rubber mat options for Equestrian Centres, Private Stables and Horse Stalls.


Sprung 30mm Rubber Horse Mats

These robust tiles are moisture resistant, long-lasting and non-slip which are the key factors to consider when selecting a suitable stall mat solution.  Available in 3 popular colours, the tiles are 50cm x 50cm, a good size for smaller areas as it reduces the level of waste when cutting.  These tiles are easily fitted together using compression (please see Guidelines) without the requirement of adhesive or a specialist installer.  Made from recycled rubber, the product is sustainable, eco-friendly and is free from unpleasant odours.  Being 30mm thick, the tile is able to accommodate heavy weights and offers shock absorption to protect against slips and falls while preventing damage to the subfloor.  The underside of the tiles have a self-draining channel allowing excess moisture or water from cleaning to drain away.



Sprung 40mm Antishock Tiles


Our Antishock tiles (40mm and above) are designed for heavy impact fitness activities but are also a fantastic option for Horse Stalls due to the weight capacity and extreme durability.  100cm x 100cm, Antishock tiles non-slip Black rubber tiles are another go-to solution for areas where there requires a level of protection, easy cleaning and self-drainage.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a horse stall solution that is both durable and cost-effective, rubber mats are the perfect option. Rubber mats can be easily fitted to any size or shape of stall, and they are easy to clean and maintain. In addition, rubber mats provide good traction and insulation, making them ideal for horses' safety and comfort.
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